A Lot of Buds

Today we walked in to class and found that our plant had a lot of buds all over it. This made us really excited and hopefully we at least get to see the beginnings of some peppers. We also found out that our pH was really low at a 5.8 so we added some pH up and brought it up to a 6.3. Since our jalapeño plants started budding we decided it was time to start pollinating the plants so we took a brush and brushed all of the plants with it and then we just blew air over the plants to simulate some wind.Our roots are also looking very healthy. Below you will find a picture of one of the buds and the root structure.

Getting Big

We went in this week and found that after changing the nutrient solution our plants are growing pretty fast. There is still the one cup that does not have anything growing at all in it, but you can’t win them all. All of the plants that are growing look very healthy and have great root structures. Below you’ll see a picture of them.

Growing Pretty Quickly

We walked in today and found that all of the plants have grown a considerable amount over the weekend and are a very dark green and looking healthy. However, it will be close as to whether or not we might see some peppers start blooming by the end of the semester so we just have to keep our fingers crossed. The root structure looks very good, but it looked a little brown. We are thinking that this is just because the nutrient water is brown, but it may be time for a complete change in water. For now we just added a fresh gallon of nutrient water to the reservoir. The pH was set around 6.3 when we left so we left it alone and will adjust it on Wednesday if it needs to be.

More Life!

So this week we went in on Monday and found that some of the emitters in our system had stopped dripping, but this was easily fixed and they are working just fine now and it doesn’t seem to have effected any of the plant growth. This week we also found 2 more plants growing in 2 of the 3 cups that hadn’t had anything growing in them. The third cup is the 1 where a plant had started growing in it and then appeared to have died so we decided to pull that plant out and place a new seed in it. This week the pH was kinda high at 7.3, so we brought that down to a better 6.0. Below are some pictures of the new members of our jalapeño family and the progress of the other ones.

Looking Pretty Good

So we were not in the class last Wednesday because we were on a field trip to a waste water treatment plant, but we came in today and found that the plants that had started growing before are even bigger and look pretty good. We were relieved to find that our system had remained dripping throughout the entire week without any signs of slowing down. We also checked underneath the plants and found that the roots of the plants growing looked pretty healthy. The one plant mentioned last post that looked like it had started to grow and died looked like it was a little greener so there still may be a chance of it growing. We also found that one of the cups that hadn’t grown anythings is starting to grow a very small amount and the last up still has nothing growing so unless there are signs of life soon we might have to try replanting new seeds. The pictures below are of the overall system and the root structure that is starting to take shape.