10/21/10 water leakage

After running the system since Tuesday morning, we came into the lab to notice the wood around the bottom of the box buckled outwards due to water swelling. After opening the garden, we were not able to discover where the leak came from, but we think it may be due to us adding to much of the nutrient solution in the beginning. After cleaning the water up and inspecting the whole system for any sign of a leak, we decided to fill the system back up, but this time with less water, and run the system for an hour or two to see if it continues to leak.

on a plus side though, one of the plants began to sprout, so at least we know we’re going in the right direction if this leak is sorted out!

(update from two hours later)

After checking the system two hours later, we haven’t found any leaks, so it looks as if we’re up and running again.

We still dont know what caused our leak, although we feel that it may have been we just overfilled the system the first time.

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