Homecoming Porch Party & Millersville Community Parade

Homecoming 2018

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This year Millersville University international students marched in the Millersville Community Parade. The students held flags representing the current international and diverse student body.

The Office of International Programs & Services also held its third annual Homecoming Porch Party at Cumberland House. Study abroad alumni are invited every year to meet the current international students as they get to experience a piece of Americana and community history. 

International Tea Time – October

International Tea Time

This month the International Tea Time was dedicated to painting pumpkins! This even is a time to gather with professors, staff, friends and students to share great, international food and learn more about culture.

The event happens once a month during the semester. If you missed this one, the next will be held in

November 15 from 4:00-5:00PM.



International Tea Time: Pumpkin Painting

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Upcoming MU Guided Programs

MU Guided programs encompasses three types of programs: courses, trips, and service learning/cultural experiences. These programs can happen throughout the year. Check out some of the amazing international opportunities for students this year with our MU Guided programs. Check them out below!

A MU Guided program to the Toronto International Film Festival went recently. The trip was organized by Dr. Jill Craven.

Fall 2018

  • Women’s Basketball Competition – Canada with Women’s Basketball Team Coaches
  • Oral History Association Conference – Canada with Marilyn Parrish

Dr. Jason Petula and his students playing Kubb, a game of Viking origin, as a bonding experience for students attending the winter 2019 trip to Sweden. 

Winter 2019

Spring 2019

  • Sport in Puerto Rico – with Dr. Daniel Keefer

Summer 2019

If you are a student interested in participating in any of the programs, please contact the faculty leader for that program and view information on our website here.

If you are a faculty member interested in taking a group of students abroad, please contact the Office of International Programs and Services to get started! International@Millersville.edu

Flags of the World Reception

The Flags of the World Project was made possible by Mr. Mike Warfel ‘84, Chairman of the Council of Trustees. On September 18th, guests were invited to the recognition ceremony. Invited guests to the reception included administrators, members of the cabinet, select staff, student speakers, donors to the Office of International Programs and Services, and friends and family of Mr. Warfel.

Dr. Patriece Campbell, Director of International Programs gave opening remarks and introduced the two student guest speakers, Kiara Garcia ’19 and Gentil Kalisa ’17, current Millersville students. Ms. Garcia participated in a study abroad program to Chile and is actively involved in international programming on campus. Mr. Kalisa is an international student from Rwanda and spoke on his welcoming perception of Millersville.

Dr. Daniel Wubah, University President and Mr. Mike Warfel also gave remarks. Mr. Warfel was then presented with a plaque which reads:

 In appreciation to

Mr. Michael Warfel ‘84

for his generosity and commitment to

Millersville University’s

           Flags of the World Project

Enriching our students’ educational and cultural experiences

Dedicated September 18, 2018


Read Millersville’s official press brief here.

International Student Events: September

Our international students have been busy this September. Students went to see a Barnstormers baseball game and went to First Friday in Lancaster. Check out some of the other activities they’ve been a part of!

Dinner with the President

Dr. Daniel Wubah invited the new incoming international students to join him and other members of the administration team, to have dinner at Tanger House.

First Year Experience Workshop

IPS is offering a new program this year for international students called the First Year Experience. The FYE is a series of workshops that normally would be International Student Orientation topics, and have spread them throughout the first half of the semester. This model allows the students to more deeply engage with the material and presenters, and have the students retain the information after having already settled into the semester.

Barnstormers Baseball Game

International students went out to see the Barnstormers play. Check out the photos!

International Tea Time

This monthly international tea events are a time to gather with professors, staff, friends and students to share great, international food and learn more about culture. The theme this month was Autumn Festival.

International Tea Time: Autumn Festival 2018

The Office of International Programs and Services hosted the September Tea Time, an hour of treats and conversation. This is a time to chat with students, faculty and staff interested in all things international!

New Study Abroad Advising

Before students can apply to a study abroad program and be accepted, ​all participants must complete study abroad advising. If students participate in MU Guided programs, they will refer to the faculty or program leader for details on the program.

For all other study abroad programs, there is a new and more simplified process for students. The two step advising provides an opportunity for participants to receive all of the information they would need to make a decision on whether study abroad is for them.

  1. The first step, called the Mentor Session, is a general meeting. It offers a chance to talk to past participants about general study abroad questions. They can help you learn to navigate the website, search for programs, answer general questions and more. Some of the most common talked about topics are about the types of programs, funding opportunities for scholarships, financial aid, and how to transfer back courses. Students can do this meeting any day and time of the week, they do not need an appointment!
  2. The second step, called the Advising Meeting, is with a study abroad advisor who specializes in a particular program. In these meetings, advisors review the student’s program of choice and talk specific program details such as detailed costs, available courses, housing arrangements, immigration, and can answer more intimate questions that students may have about their individual experience.

Students can complete their advising steps any time prior to applying to a program. We recommend that students complete advising about one year in advanced.

To read more information about our new study abroad advising, or request advising yourself, review the instructions on our website.

See our new advising video below about transferring study abroad credit to MU!

Study Abroad Transfer of Credit Form

Studying abroad and earning credit? Watch this video to learn how to complete your Study Abroad Transfer of Credit Form

International Visitors to MU

The Office of International Programs and Services hosted a number of international visitors to MU. As a part of their visit, the scholars or partner representatives receive a campus tour and information about Millersville to help assist in partnership development.

Ms. Marie-Odile from the American Business School Paris (ABS) visited to participate in the Fall 2018 Study Abroad Fair and to meet with interested students and past study abroad participants. ABS is a study abroad program that focuses in business and management. Students are able to study there for a summer, semester or year.

Mr. Oliver Hagan is the Director and Co-Founder of VACorps, formally known as Volunteer Adventure Corps. This partner out of South Africa, is an internship and placement partner for those who student teach or are seeking a social work placement. MU is sending 5 student teachers through VACorps this fall semester! Mr. Hagan came to update partner relations and to participate in the Study Abroad Fair.

Mr. Michael Southwell from Aalen University of Applied Sciences in Germany visited campus to learn more about the academic programs of MU, specifically the applied engineering programs and computer sciences. Mr. Southwell was treated to an individualized tour of Osburn Hall, as well as meetings with several key university representatives.

If you are interested in bringing a potential international partner to visit Millersville, please contact the Office of International Programs and Services. IPS will assist in creating an itinerary for the visitor or delegation. Fore more information on international partnerships please visit our website.




Dr. Jason Petula – Global Interest

Image above: Most unique trip – South Pole, Antarctica

First trip with students – Ix Chel Farm, Belize

Early in my teaching career, I made a bold decision.  I took my life savings – three figures at the time – and purchased a one-way ticket to Peru, with the plan to travel home by land.   The adventure fundamentally changed my identity and I learned more in those 8 weeks than my entire formal education.  So profound was the experience, I vowed I would try and create opportunities for others to experience authentic travel.  When the new school year started, I founded a non-profit. The next summer I led my first group of middle school students on an environmental education trip to Belize and Guatemala.  It gave me great joy to see the students develop global competencies from the trip, such as inquisitiveness, social flexibility, and self-confidence.  I think exploring the world made me a better teacher, as I could provide students first-hand experiences, rather than learning from a textbook.

First MU course taught abroad – Stockholm, Sweden

A wonderful collaboration between Millersville University and Internationella Engleska Skolan (IES) has expanded over the years.  IES is a school system in Sweden that provides students English immersion and an American style education.  The partnership started when MU alumna Nicole Doty – an IES teacher – came to campus for a recruiting trip several years ago.  Nicole’s visit resulted in an invitation to my department, and our students, to visit her school in Stockholm, to consider what was possible.   The school visit was amazing – thanks to my colleagues Dr. Powers for making the trip a reality and Dr. Neuville for introducing me to the school’s administrators. This past January, I returned to IES with Millersville University education majors to complete the capstone course of their Integrated STEM Education Methods (ISEM) minor.  Essentially, the ISEM students designed two units of instruction and then had the opportunity to teach the units to 4th and 5th grade students.  In a sense, the study abroad trip to Sweden is an opportunity for our students to consider working abroad, as IES comes to our campus every spring recruiting teachers for their schools, which are expanding across Sweden and into Spain and England.  This upcoming January, another cohort of Millersville University students will travel to Stockholm to complete their ISEM minor.  The next phase of the collaboration is to offer student teaching as an option in IES schools.  The project is special to me because it reveals how multiple stakeholders can collaborate to create a program that adds value to our students’ university experience.

Playing Kubb (aka Viking Chess or Skulls & Femurs) as a team building activity

The Internationella Engleska Skolan (IES) Project and associated study abroad programs is similar to growing grapes.  Serious gardeners do not plant seeds in the ground and expect amazing yields.  Instead, they first work the soil.  Then, the seeds are planted, pruned, and prevented from fruiting for a few years; this is so the plant’s energy is devoted to the development of strong roots.  Only years later are grapes ready for harvesting. The IES project is flourishing because of the faculty from the Early, Middle, and Exceptional Education Department and support from the Office of International Programs & Services.

The logo for the Imagine the Possible campaign captures the very spirit of the Office of International Programs & Services: Together – Image the Possible.  Last spring I was struggling to find a way for students to join me at a conference in Europe.  A student walked by and inquired about the conference, which was an international gathering of polar scientists and educators.  The student returned the next day with three other students.  They wanted to go, but the cost of attending was prohibitively expensive.  Together, we connected with the team at the Office of International Programs & Services and they helped us make it possible.  The students hit an absolute grand slam with their presentation at the conference.  The compliments from attendees were so remarkable I wrote them down: These are college students, not professional teachers?  Are all teacher candidates at your university like this [great]?  My response to the last question was, “Yes.  What you see here at this conference is my entire university.  It is a university of excellence and its greatest resources are the people – students, staff, and faculty.”  Then, the President of Polar Educators International (PEI) invited the students to present at their conference next year at Cambridge University.

Millersville University students presenting at the POLAR2018 Conference – Davos, Swittzerland    

The world is rapidly changing.  Millersville University graduates are no longer competing for jobs with graduates from neighboring universities.  Our alumni are competing against the world.  The Office of International Programs & Services can facilitate students engaging with high impact practices; i.e., global studies, capstone course and projects, internships, etc.  I personally am happy to help anyone interested in study abroad or internationalizing their curricula.  Give me a call – together we can imagine the possible.

Study Abroad Fair 2018

The fall 2018 Study Abroad Fair took place on September 12, 2018. Students were able to learn about over 300 study abroad programs offered to them through the Office of International Programs & Services at Millersville University.

Two international partners participated in the fair this year. The representatives from The American Business School in Paris from France and VACorps from Capetown, South Africa. We also had two U.S. based organization partners present, Global Experiences and AIFS Study Abroad.

Study Abroad Fair 2018

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Students were able to learn about both short and long term study abroad programs, traditional study abroad and even international professional experiences like international internships and student teaching.

If you are interested in learning about study abroad opportunities for you, or your students, you can search for programs and get information about study abroad advising on the study abroad website HERE.

International Delegation – Yancheng Teachers University

Millersville University recently hosted a Chinese delegation from Yancheng Teachers University (YTCU). The delegation included their Vice President, Director of the Development and Reform Office, Alumni Office, and various other departments and offices.

The partnership with YCTU can be credited to Dr. Changfu Chang, Professor of Communications and Theater. Dr. Chang is an alumnus, and the leader of the newly formed YCTU Alumni Association in North America.

The delegation started their visit with a presentation by Mrs. Yang Zhang from the Admissions Office, and Mr. Daniel McClary, from the English Language Institute. The SHARP team then led the delegation on a campus tour.

After lunch the delegation was also offered academic presentations from various colleges. Dr. Victor DeSantis spoke about Millersville graduate programs. Dr. Michael Jackson spoke about key programs in the College of Science and Technology as well as high impact practices. Dr. Ieva Zake and Dr. Karen Rice, representing Dr. George Drake, each gave presentations that highlighted various key programs within their colleges. 

YCTU delegation representative, Dr. Huang Zhichun, the Vice President, agreed to work with Millersville University as a new international partner. The delegation signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on August 10th, with the intent to work more closely on a student mobility program .