Summer Study Abroad Highlights

Throughout the Summer Millersville University hosted several MU Guided trips abroad.  These trips allowed students to focus on specific areas of their studies and learn about the world, as well as the impact they can have on it, in a more hands-on way.  The countries that were featured this summer include Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Iceland, and an assortment of countries across Europe.

Each program made use of the country it took place in to make a significant connection between the student’s areas of study and the study abroad experience itself.  For example, students participating on the guided trip to Iceland completed a course on sustainability.  Being one of the most sustainable countries in the world (all of Iceland’s electrical energy is produced through renewable means!) all the trips and activities students participated in for this trip were related directly to their coursework.

Such an experience is indispensable and provides students with a new and much more realistic perspective of their studies.  Learning about emergency management is one thing, actively helping a town recover from a hurricane is another.  This was something students who traveled to Puerto Rico over the summer were able to do.  Likewise students enrolled in the music program at Millersville were able to travel across Europe and see the places where famous composers once lived, worked, and performed.

The faculty guided trips abroad this summer were very successful.  They provided a unique experience that will help students in their personal and professional lives for years to come.  Thank you to Dr. Jason Petula, Dr. Ximena Catepillan, Dr. Karen Rice, Dr. Christy Banks, and Dr. Len Litowitz for all your time and effort in making these programs so special for everyone involved!

If you are interested in leading your own trip abroad view resources on our website here.