Higher Education with BNU

Millersville University just had the pleasure of hosting students from Beaconhouse National University (BNU) in Pakistan for a program focusing on higher education in the U.S.  Over the course of two weeks, BNU students attended classes on topics such as academic writing, research methods, and university application process.  They also toured several of Millersville University’s academic programs including science & engineering, and the arts.

Like other short-term international groups Millersville has hosted over the summer, BNU students also got to experience all the hot spots in PA and surrounding areas.  They explored downtown Lancaster on first Friday, experienced roller coasters in all their terrifying glory at Hershey park (apparently Pakistani amusement parks don’t compare), enjoyed a hallmark of American culture by watching a Barnstormers game, Listened to a concert in Lititz, toured the nation’s capital in Washington DC, and much more!

The BNU students are a fine group of men and women and their stay at Millersville passed by with great celerity.  Many of them hope to return to America for graduate school. Thanks for a great time BNU!

If you would like to learn more about Millersville’s English Language Institute and their short term programs read more HERE.