End of Semester Celebration – Fall 2018

The English Language Institute (ELI) celebrated students who graduated from the program this past week. It was also an end of semester send-off for other international students.The event also allowed the students to learn about major holidays in the U.S. and holiday customs, sing songs, and have a brunch together.

The ELI held a series of presentations by Level 3 students. The prompt for the presentations was “How would you make the ELI more welcoming for international students?” 4 students gave speeches on inspiration quotes, bonding through a campfire evening, sharing local customs and holidays, and brightening up physical spaces with real plants that the students would take care of. It was inspiring to see the students display their progress in language ability and confidence.

Two students who graduated the program this term are Yina Wang and Reem Abdulaziz Balfas. Congratulations!