End of Semester Celebration – Fall 2018

The English Language Institute (ELI) celebrated students who graduated from the program this past week. It was also an end of semester send-off for other international students.The event also allowed the students to learn about major holidays in the U.S. and holiday customs, sing songs, and have a brunch together.

The ELI held a series of presentations by Level 3 students. The prompt for the presentations was “How would you make the ELI more welcoming for international students?” 4 students gave speeches on inspiration quotes, bonding through a campfire evening, sharing local customs and holidays, and brightening up physical spaces with real plants that the students would take care of. It was inspiring to see the students display their progress in language ability and confidence.

Two students who graduated the program this term are Yina Wang and Reem Abdulaziz Balfas. Congratulations!

MOSAIC Summer 2019

Dr. Jim Harf from Maryville University visited campus this past month to prepare for the Summer 2019 MOSAIC Study Abroad program. Millersville University has been partnering with Maryville University for several years to send students on summer study abroad programs to various locations throughout Europe. This semester, we signed an agreement with Maryville University to formalize our relationship.

One of the unique things about this program is that faculty from Maryville, Millersville and others teach on the program, as well as local faculty in each host location. Students can earn 6 credits and spend 3-4 weeks abroad with a cohort of students from Millersville and Maryville.

Locations for summer 2019 include: Dublin, Florence, Lugano and Oxford. A wide variety of courses are offered and can be viewed on the websites linked below.

If you are interested in checking out the program below are some resources:

Maryville University’s MOSAIC Website

Millersville University’s MOSAIC Website (MU students apply through here)

If Millersville students are interested in hearing more information or applying, please stop by the Office of International Programs and Services, in Cumberland House or contact our office for next steps: International@Millersville.edu 717-871-7506

Madison Kacmar – Global Interest

I got interested in international initiatives when I changed my major to International Studies. Through one of my classes, I got to visit the United Nations and it sparked my interest in working globally after college. I then became a member of the Global Ambassador program, which let me take part in many diverse activities.

These pictures are from the international student New York trip that I got to help lead. I learned that no matter what language someone speaks or culture they’re a part of, people tend to go through the same things and can always share a common interest. It has been so fun to get to know so many international students and see different perspectives.

I think everyone should get involved with the Office of International Programs & Services because it gives you a broad outlook on today’s society, and let’s you have a better understanding of the world. I’d also encourage students to become a Global Ambassador because it opens the door to a variety of opportunities you might otherwise miss.