ELI Launch

Millersville is pleased to announce the launch of the English Language Institute (ELI)! This program is geared towards international students and focuses on language development for college-readiness. ELI provides six levels of intensive English instruction in classes that are taught by experienced instructors trained in English as a Second Language instruction and holding a master’s degree or higher including new Global Education employees, Mrs. Marika Mando-Fedorcova and Mrs. Janet Purcell.


To accommodate this new program, ELI has expanded to Adams House just across the street from Global Education’s own Cumberland House. This new facility houses ELI coordinator offices, instructional spaces, and a computer lab making it the perfect location for students can develop their skills.

The intensive, non-credit English courses act as a bridge for students to meet admissions requirements for Millersville University. Students may earn credit through concurrent enrollment during levels 5 and 6. If a long-term English program does not fit the needs or schedule of students, the ELI also offers variety of short-term programs ranging from 2- 8 weeks.


The ELI is not exclusively in-classroom learning. It also offers students cultural events, activities, community outreach, and trips to attractions, such as Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Baltimore and historic Lancaster.


To learn more information about this program, check out our webpage!