Celine – France

  • Celine
  • Studied abroad as a Sophomore in Spring 2017, and still currently abroad!
  • Studied at: American Business School Paris in Paris,France
  • When on campus, Celine works at the University Store

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I chose to study abroad at ABS Paris because I am a French minor and I love fashion and art. Paris is a fashion capital and has some of the best art museums in the world. In addition, the city is beautiful and there is always something fun to do, whether it was sitting at the Eiffel Tower, boating down the Seine river or even going out on the town at night!

My goals for study abroad were to learn more about fashion and international business, learn French, and get out of my comfort zone to make new friends and live on my own. I did accomplish all my goals and more!


I have gone to Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, and Germany. My favorite was Germany because I went to Spring Fest for the weekend!

Millersville students should study abroad because it is a chance to meet new people, immerse yourself in a different culture, and have fun traveling while you do it! Sometimes you will even learn a new language, and learn things about yourself that you wouldn’t have if you never left your comfort zone.

Be open minded, and always be aware of different cultures and traditions. Not every place has the same customs you do, so you have to be ready to experience differences. In addition, try as many new things as you can! Whether it be food, activities, or even classes you would not get to take if you were not abroad.


Remember that even though you are having fun and traveling, you are also there for educational and/or professional purposes! I was able to adequately give effort to both and I ended up having fun in many different countries, while also gaining a professional opportunity! One good thing to know about ABS is they let study abroad students have the option to team up with the permanent students to participate in a company case project with various big name companies! I was able to work with Swarovski Paris for two months at their home office, and was able to add it to my resume afterwards and get priority for internships. I would highly recommend participating in this if you plan to attend ABS.