Hannah – Japan

My name is Hannah, and I am a double major in Psychology and Philosophy. I studied abroad at Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka, Japan. I was interested in studying abroad to fulfill a lifelong dream of traveling to Japan and experiencing aspects of the culture, such as Shintoism and traditional tea ceremonies. I also chose Japan largely because I am currently working on two theses regarding canine breed-specific behavior and cognition, and some of the best research I have encountered has come from universities in Japan.

Todai-jiEisa Drummer

One of the fun things I have done so far is visit the Todai-ji Temple in the city of Nara. The Todai-ji Temple, built in 752, is the largest wooden structure in the world, and houses one of the largest Buddhas in Japan. We were able to donate a tile for temple reconstruction, wherein we wrote our names in Katakana. One of the most fun things was getting to feed and cuddle with all the deer that roam around Nara Park, and whose spirits are believed to protect the city at night.

Buddha2Nara Deer 2Nara Deer 4Nara Deer 5Nara Deer Shrine