Well yet again we harvested out lettuce, as well as we trimmed our roots again so they would not clog the drain pipe. Also we have a mystery contributer, that is adding solution to our reservoir.  There was so much solution in our our bucket it overflowed into the plastic catch tank! We bailed out the catch tank and it had about an extra gallon.


So we checked the temp. and the ph of our water and the temp was 78.7  degrees  and the ph was roughly 7.  Seems spot on to us, and even if its not, our plants seem to be doing amazing.  We harvested another medium zip lock baggie full of our lettuce, to make it the 3rd time.  Our water levels looked slightly lower from last time but we decided to wait till thursday to fill it back up again.


So the picture to the left is how well our system is doing.  We harvested today again, so this makes 2 times.  The picture on the right is how dirty our solution was.   We ended up changing the solution out as well as cleaned out bucket,lines,pump, and pvc pipe, then we ran into some problems… Tom jinxed us again by saying our pump was going to go turbo again…… As we reassembled our system the pump, and plugged our pump back in it started pumping with more volume and pressure. THUS shooting the solution in between the plant cup and the pvc pipe and out of our system. So we made a temporary fix by placing some black rubber hose over the top of our inlet pipe and re-directed the solution to the other side of them pipe. Temporary but successful..

3/21 Harvesting

Today we realized that it was time to harvest.  The crop was ready for the first cutting.  We also trimmed the roots on our plants.  They were flowing down the drain pipe and we were a little scared that it might clog it up.  Posted here are some before and after pictures of our plants when we harvested them.  Let us know what you think!

Cor and Anton


Well as of today we have a little bit of rotting on one leaf in the left cup.. Cannot really be seen in the picture because its in the back.  We are keeping an eye on it though.  We’re wondering what may be making the little leaf starting to die.  Any ideas???  We’re not really too educated on gardening.

March 3rd- Maiden Voyage

Well as of March 3rd, we finally got our mini Ebb and Flow system up and running.  We ran into a few minor problems with our pump… not pointing any fingers… (Tom).  She’s up and running good now though.  We checked it after one night of running and it has two little sprouts coming up.  We will post pics as soon as we figure out how to work this website.

-Cor and Anton