Day 4: May 24, 2011

After returning to class the next day, we yet again took a look at our plants.  Still there is only one little sprout that is growing, nothing else has appeared yet.  Alex and I decided after seeing this that we would plant additional seeds of Mesculin which has a faster grow rate than that of the Baby Gem.  We also added an additional and larger air stone/air pump to our system, since we have notice there has not been a lot of circulation being done with just one little air stone.

4 thoughts on “Day 4: May 24, 2011”

  1. Rob and I have similar results with our system, we are also using a water culture type design. We’ve setup a second round of seeds to germinate since yesterday, using the wet paper towel technique. We are going to try and switch some of these new seeds to rockwool as well since it seems to be working for everyone else.

  2. I think that adding seeds of Mesclun is a great idea. When Stephen and I planted our Mesclun seeds we saw sprouts the very next day and they have been growing at a large rate every day we have seen them. A larger air stone should also help since your container is so large.

  3. I know we planted more than one seed in each cup. So maybe yous should plant more than one seed in each cup. also we germinated or seeds for one full day submersed in water maybe try that as well.

  4. Like you had said it might be a few more days before it starts to germinate, but that leaves the one question, why is one sprouting already? Is it too late to maybe switch a few cups using the rock wool? It might be worth a try to see if that helps.

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