Day 2: May 19, 2011

Today was a good day! Alex and I officially got our hydroponics system up and running.  Our system required us to fill it with approximately nine gallons of the nutrient solution.

Nutrient parts A and B were added together in warm water, and then added to the reservoir.

Once that was finished, the germinating seeds were removed from their wet paper towel home, and two seeds were placed in each of the twelve cups, at a depth of approximately 1/4″.  Once that was completed the cups which have holes poked in the bottom to allow a flow of water to the plant, were placed in their floating holder.  An additional piece of plastic was made and cut to the size of the holes to insure that no light could penetrate through the styrofoam.  This was done to help keep the growth of allege down.  With that being accomplished we place the floater into the reservoir with an air stone.  The air stone is connected to an air pump which creates bubbles in the nutrient solution allowing it to circulate, and introduce oxygen to the plants.

Our up and running water culture hydroponics system

Once running the pH was tested and was found to be around 7pH, which was higher than required.  In our research we found that the pH should ranged between 5.5 to 6.5 for optimal plant growth.  pH down was added to the reservoir to help lower the pH to an appropriate level. Before leaving for the day, the pH was approximately 6.5.

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