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Thanksgiving In the Halls

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. This holiday celebrates thanking your loved ones and friends for everything they do and showing that you appreciate them. For college students, it also is a time to have a break from classes in order to celebrate the holiday. If you want to get a head start on the celebrations and create them here at Millersville, here are some ideas on how to kick off the holiday season with your friends.

  1. Host a “Friends-giving”

Use the kitchens in the residence halls to create a Thanksgiving dinner for you and all your friends!  Getting all your friends to pitch in to buy the supplies and actually cook the meal can be a fun and different way for you and your friends to spend a weeknight or weekend.  

2. Decorate Your Door For the Holiday

Decorating your door for the different holidays can get you into the holiday spirit and spread holiday cheer to the other residents. This can also give students time to be creative and show off their talents. You can see our Pinterest account for some ideas , our username is @villehousing .

3. Watch Your Favorite Thanksgiving Episodes of TV Shows With Your Friends

A bunch of TV shows have great Thanksgiving episodes. Every Thanksgiving, I make sure watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  Also, I started a tradition with my college friends that we watch the Thanksgiving episodes of Friends and Gossip Girl together. This is a great way to relax and spend time with your friends while being festive. Here are the episodes incase you and friends want to watch them!

Thanksgiving episodes of friends

  • Season 1 episode 9
  • Season 2 episode 8
  • Season 3 episode 9
  • Season 4 episode 8
  • Season 5 episode 8
  • Season 6 episode 9
  • Season 7 episode 8
  • Season 8 episode 8
  • Season 9 episode 8
  • Season 10 episode 8

Thanksgiving episodes of Gossip Girl

  • Season 1 episode 9
  • Season 2 episode 11
  • Season 3 episode 11
  • Season 4 episode 10
  • Season 6 episode 8

4. Make a List of What You Are Thankful For

This may seem sappy, but at the end of the day this holiday celebrates all of the things we are thankful for. Taking the time to create a list, will make you realize all the great things and people in your life. You can even take it a step further and thank the people who mean a great deal to you.

5. Create Thanksgiving Themed Crafts With Your Friends

Remember in elementary school when we would make hand turkeys?  Why not do it now? This can be a fun and nostalgic way to celebrate the holiday and have a good time with your friends. Also, these can include other crafts as well, not just the famous hand turkey.

6. Volunteer

Thanksgiving can also be a great time to show your community you are thankful for them by volunteering. Taking the time to volunteer or donate supplies to make Thanksgiving dinner is a great way to give back to the community and make sure others have a great holiday as well.

We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!