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Get To Know Your Resident Assistant: Rhys Wallace


  • Name

Rhys Wallace

  • Major

Secondary Education – Social Studies

  • Year

Sophomore , but credits-wise Junior.

  • Hometown

Pennsburg , but I grew up in Pottstown.

  • Hobbies

Camping, writing, reading (just not during the semester) and Scouts

  • Why did you want to become a RA?

My mom was a RA and so she encouraged me to do it. But, I also thought it was an interesting way to develop myself and develop useful skills. Also it was kind of my first time working in the real-world because I have only worked at summer camps before.

  • What is the most valuable part of being a RA?

There is a lot you don’t realize. The most valuable for me is meeting and working with many different people. Working with many people like my bosses or other RAs who are very different from me creates an interesting work environment, but in the end although we are different we all come together to work and get things done.

  • What is your favorite program you held for your residents?

I’ve had a lot of cool programs , but my favorite was having the therapy dogs in West. It was interesting because a lot of people came and learned about how the dogs are trained and how they cannot pet them when they have their vests on.  By the end of the program, there was so much dog hair in the lobby of the building it was pretty funny.

  • What do you hope your residents get out of you being their RA?

I want them to realize there is a difference between me being their friend and their administrator. By doing my job, I am trying to keep everyone safe and it is only helping them in the long run. I do not want them to get in trouble, but there are just some things they need to realize they can’t do or say.

  • Do you have any valuable tips or tricks that you have learned from your time here at MU to pass on to other students?

I would say either think before you speak so you have time to gather your thoughts or wait before you react, because if you don’t you can make messy situations.

  • What is your favorite part of living in the residence halls?

My favorite part is that you can have a community if you choose to make it. If you talk to some of the people in the halls you can make friends and meet genuine people.

  • Why did you choose to come to Millersville?

My parents went to Bloomsburg University and I didn’t want to go there. Some of my friends went here and so I looked into it and thought it was a good school. It is small, the people are nice and the education program is great. I think campus is also very pretty and has history, the maintenance people definitely do not get enough credit for maintaining the appearance of campus.

  • What is your favorite class you have taken at Millersville?

Speech class with Professor Donovan. He was very well spoken and a very cool guy who knew what he was talking about. I think that he gave his students everything he had to offer.