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What To Do At Your RA Interview

What To Do At Your RA Interview?

Are you thinking of becoming an RA? Do you believe in Student Leadership, helping others, decorating a hallway, or showcasing great programs that everyone will enjoy? You should apply to be an RA!

“How do I apply? Where can I get the application?”


This link above, will take you to the page where you will put in your Millersville email and password, like you would use signing in to any portal the university uses. Also it helps to know the deadline for the application to become an RA is Monday, February 5th, 2018.

“What if I don’t know what to say?”

Student Leaders come in all shapes, sizes, mindsets, backgrounds, etc. You want to have an open-mind about what kind of leader you will be—you want to be someone that will get others involved! Don’t say anything that would jeopardize your chances of leading others into success.

“There’s an interview, what should I wear?!?” 

You can breathe a little easier because help is on the way! Your style of dress is only a small component of your potential to become a greater leader. Your interview attire should be well-thought out—enough where the interviewer knows you are serious about the position. The most important component is your attitude about the interview. Your passion and purpose go a long way and will surely show when you venture into the life of an RA.

“Wait! I didn’t know there were two interviews!!”

Saturday, February 10th, 2018 is the Group Interview where you will be among fellow student leaders who just like you, want to make a difference! This process will challenge both your analytical skills and your ability to work with others to reach a common goal. You will also attend individual interviews during the last two weeks of February.

That being said to prepare for both the group and individual interviews, these tricks and tips can be a great asset to what you will need to make a different in Housing and Residential Programs:

  1. Be on time for the interview—The earlier the better. Give yourself time to shake the nerves and talk with peers and even do mock interviews.
  2. Be yourself—It goes without saying, originality sets you apart from others, but that confidence that you have in yourself will surely stand out.
  3. The Group interview is not competition— Working with others is a huge integral part of the RA lifestyle. Your cooperation is key and understanding how others work is first step of many you will take for the transferable skills gained as an RA.
  4. Look around the room—Take a look at those fresh faces. Make conversation and make new friends! The people you see in the room may be the people you see on your staff as a new RA.
  5. Get to know the Housing and Residential GA’s, RA’s, and RAD’s—Learning from experience is the best tool anyone can have for getting prepared. Learning the insides and outs of a new job before it starts can be highly beneficial.
  6. Prepare some questions for the interview after its over—You want to make sure the interviewer has an interviewee that is interested and actively listening; asking questions is great way to inspire conversation and commitment to the job.
  7. Don’t just take the job for its benefits—Being an RA is more than just a room that’s paid for. As an RA, you have the opportunity to initiate leadership that is transactional, emulative, and beneficial to where you can take it with you to a job in the future.
  8. Be judgement free—As an RA you will encounter a lot of different viewpoints, people, personalities, and work attitudes. Understand that being understanding is a trait every RA should learn to carry with them.
  9. Smile—Have fun with the interview, make the most of it, your first impression is your best impression!
  10. Don’t take it personal—All interviews are a chance to learn about yourself, whether you become an RA or not. It is best to understand opportunities are always around the corner.

As a last reminder, here are the info sessions where you can get all the info you need and more about RA life through Housing and Residential Programs:

Wednesday, January 24th                                Thursday, January 25th

7pm – 8 pm                                                                 12:15pm – 1:15pm

South Village Great Room                                South Village Great Room

Monday, January 29th                                         Tuesday, January 30th

6:30pm – 7:30pm                                                     2:30pm – 3:30pm

South Village Great Room                                 South Village Great Room

Take these tips and tricks with you to the RA interview and beyond and be ready and willing to make a difference!