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Find Your Community: LGBTQ+ & Allies Housing at Millersville University

As we enter the month of June, the celebration of Pride Month has begun. During this time, awareness of the queer community is heightened, and an extra strong sense of community is present. Here at Millersville University, this feeling exists all the time due to our LGBTQ+ & Allies affinity housing. Although this is most popular with first-year students, all class years are accepted that are interested in exploring identities, history, and social advocacy.  

Living here means collaborating with faculty and staff in bi-monthly meetings, connecting with like-minded peers, and fostering a community built on mutual respect, understanding, and affirmation. Through guided discussions, we’ll delve into the rich tapestry of LGBTQ+ history, social movements, culture, health, and personal experiences. 

Residents will also have opportunities to engage with local LGBTQ+ organizations through trips and community service initiatives. This community offers a brave space where students can authentically express themselves, learn, and grow together. 

Applications for this housing are accepted all year round until there is no space left. If you are interested in completing a form, please click on the link below: 


If you would like additional information or have questions, please reach out to J. Whitlow by phone (717-871-4300), or email (j.whitlow@millersville.edu).