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How to Be Successful This Semester

Happy first week of classes, Marauders!!!!

Does anyone else feel like winter break is flew by? It seems like just yesterday we were taking finals and excitedly waiting for 2020 to be over. Now that the spring semester is here, it’s time to shift gears and work hard to accomplish great things. Here are some tips to help you succeed this spring semester!

Reflect on Last Semester

Take some time to think about what you can learn from last semester. Think about any areas for improvement. For example, if you didn’t participate in your classes often during the fall, you might want to commit to asking questions or volunteering more in your spring semester classes. If you found yourself getting easily overwhelmed by your workload, take this time to learn about how to handle stress in a healthy way (like by reading our blog post about dealing with stress). If you feel like you did really well last semester, think about what you did to be successful and continue doing those things in the next semester.

Set Goals for Yourself

Jot down some things that you hope to achieve during this semester. As time goes on, remind yourself of those goals and keep track of the progress you’re making towards reaching them. Setting goals that you feel confident you can achieve will help you start the semester on the right foot. When you’re setting your goals, make sure to also list the reason(s) why you want to achieve them. That way, when you’re feeling particularly unmotivated to do schoolwork, you can look at those goals and the reasons you gave for setting them and feel inspired to keep up the hard work. Not sure where to start? Fortunately, we have a blog post all about how to set and achieve goals! Click here to check it out.

Check D2L and Your Millersville Email Everyday

It’s always a good idea to check D2L on a daily basis, especially now that most classes are held virtually. Remember that the syllabus is a guide you should refer to throughout the semester, not just during the first week of classes. I highly recommend either writing down important dates and deadlines in an agenda or putting them in the calendar on your phone.  It is your responsibility to keep track of what is due and when it is due, so prioritize staying organized and checking D2L everyday. I would also recommend checking your Millersville email daily to see if any of your professors have contacted you about their class. If you have questions about the information on D2L, contact your professor for clarification. Make sure to check the class syllabus before reaching out to make sure you are following any communication guidelines they may have set.

Grow Both Personally and Academically

Doing well in your classes is very important, but it isn’t the only thing that matters during your time in college. You’re only a college student for a limited amount of time, so make the most of it! Join organizations and participate in events that interest you. Make connections with professors in your field of interest and your fellow students. Explore your passions. If there’s a subject you really enjoy but aren’t interested in majoring in, consider minoring in it. Click here to read our blog post to find out if getting a minor is the right decision for you.

Take Care of Yourself

Your mental health has a major impact on your ability to succeed in your classes. Take care of yourself throughout the semester not just to stay physically healthy, but to stay motivated to do your best work as well.  Get plenty of sleep, keep a positive attitude, and take time to do the things you enjoy. No matter how busy you are, you  can always take some time to relax and enjoy yourself – you’ll be grateful you did.

We can’t wait to see what you accomplish this semester! What class or activity are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments.


Lydia Shaloka is a senior Business Administration major with a concentration in Marketing at Millersville University. Her interests include digital marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing.  When she graduates in May 2021, Lydia hopes to work for a digital marketing agency either in or near her hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

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