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Millersville University Named Safest School in PA for the Second Year in a Row!

We are very excited to share that Millersville University was ranked the safest school in PA for the second year in a row by YourLocalSecurity! Millersville’s Housing and Residential Programs is just one of the departments on campus that makes student safety a priority. Our staff works hard to ensure students have a safe environment to live and learn in.

Here are some of the things our staff has to say about safety in the residence halls:

Michael Davis, one of the Residential Area Directors on campus, says, “I want to highlight the staff (both DA’s & RA’s) for helping to keep the buildings safe. The DA’s are the first line of defense and the RA’s going on rounds/tour and knowing their residents all helps to maintain the effort we see.”

The Resident Assistants at Millersville have an emphasis on safety and put a lot of work into making the residence halls safe for students. When asked about their thoughts on safety in the residence halls, here’s what they had to say: CJ Longo says, “The health, safety and security of my residents is my top priority. I am constantly on the lookout for potential safety hazards when I am on duty to prevent an incident before it arises. I also educate my residents during floor meetings about safety procedures in the halls as well as other campus safety resources.” Lauren Taddeo, another Resident Assistant, stated, “Ensuring residents are safe and secure ultimately increases the overall productivity and quality of ResLife.” 

The following shows how students ranked their satisfaction on certain areas of hall safety and security in a survey (Note: Satisfaction rankings were on a scale from 1-10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest):

  1. Satisfaction of security of possessions in their rooms was ranked 6.13 out of 10 on average by 526 students.
  2. Satisfaction of how safe students felt in their rooms was ranked 6.26 out of 10 on average by 526 students. (This was one of the top 3 highest scored factors in the survey)
  3. Satisfaction of how safe students felt in their hall building was ranked 6.23 out of 10 on average by 526 students. (This was one of the top 3 highest scored factors in the survey)
  4. Satisfaction of how safe students feel walking on campus at night was ranked 5.75 out of 10 on average by 526 students.

Student safety always has been and always will be a top priority to Housing and Residential Programs staff. Gabby Vaxmonsky, a Graduate Assistant, said, “The safety and security of residents is extremely important to me. At the front desk I work with the DA’s and RA’s to check ID’s and sign guests in and out so we can help to keep the halls safe. Also, I encourage residents to stop by during my office hours to talk with me about any questions or concerns that come up.” 

To learn more about how we are keeping the residence halls safe, visit our webpage. To learn more about campus safety at Millersville University, visit the campus safety webpage. 

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How to Stay Safe in and Around the Residence Halls

With daylight saving time coming to a close soon and days being darker longer, it’s essential to stay alert and safe on campus and around the residence halls. Here are some tips to keep yourself and your belongings safe this fall and winter.

Lock your doors.
Even when you’re in your room, you should lock your doors. It only takes a few seconds to enter an unlocked room and take books, cash, laptops, etc. If someone knocks on your door, look through the peephole before opening the door.

Carry your key and ID.
Keeping your ID and room key on your person ensures your room and valuables stay safe. Never give your ID or room key to someone else, and return lost IDs to the campus ID Office located in Boyer.

Sign in guests.
Don’t let people tailgate into the residence halls. If you think someone has entered the residence halls without a resident, contact the Resident Assistant on duty. Always accompany your guests throughout their stay in the residence halls, and be sure to sign them in and out of the building with the Desk Assistant or RA at the desk.

Keep your valuables secure.
Don’t leave backpacks, books, laptops, or other valuables unattended in public or in your unlocked room. This includes large amounts of cash. Keep your money in the bank and withdraw it when you need it.

Walk in well-lit areas.
If you have to walk around campus or around the residence halls after the sun sets, make sure to walk along sidewalks and pathways that have lampposts. Walking in dark areas could potentially increase the chance of something happening to your person or belongings.

Use the buddy system after dark.
Whether you physically use the buddy system or the LiveSafe app, having friends escort you to your destination greatly improves your safety. Walk to late-night classes with friends or have them virtually walk with you to make sure you get to your destination safely.

Create a safety kit.
While Millersville has a strict “no deadly or offensive weapon” policy, students can carry pepper spray to keep themselves safe. Carrying a whistle will alert those nearby when you require assistance or are in danger. Keep your safety kit handy so you can grab it easily at any time.

Learn self-defense.
The Martial Arts Club offers kickboxing classes, taekwondo classes, and Russian martial arts (ROSS) classes throughout the week. All three martial arts are forms of self-defense, and no prior experience is required! You can learn more information about the classes offered on the Martial Arts Club’s GetInvolved page.