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Free SHOWTIME ANYTIME for Residential Students!

SHOWTIME ANYTIME gives you unlimited on-demand access to award-winning original series, hit movies, sports, docs, and more on your TV, tablet, phone, and computer. If you are an on-campus student – meaning you either currently live in or will be living in one of the residence halls (East Villages, South Villages, West Villages, Shenks Hall, or Reighard Hall) during the Spring 2021 semester – you can access SHOWTIME ANYTIME from anywhere on or off campus for FREE! Follow the steps below to start streaming:

In the app:
  1. Download the SHOWTIME ANYTIME app
  2. Click “MENU” and then click “LOG IN”
  3. The following message will pop up on your screen: “Allow ‘SHO Anytime’ to use your TV Provider subscription?” Select “Don’t Allow”
  4. Select “SEE ALL PROVIDERS” and click on “APOGEE”
  5. In the search bar, type “Millersville University”, then click “Continue”
  6. Log in to SHOWTIME ANYTIME with your Millersville username and password
On the website:
  2. Click “LOGIN”
  3. Select “SEE ALL PROVIDERS” and click on “APOGEE”
  4. In the search bar, type “Millersville University”, then click “Continue”
  5. Log in to SHOWTIME ANYTIME with your Millersville username and password

Residents, enjoy watching episodes of your favorite shows like Shameless and much more for free anytime, anywhere (just one of the many perks of living in the residence halls)!


Lydia Shaloka is a senior Business Administration major with a concentration in Marketing at Millersville University. Her interests include digital marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing.  When she graduates in May 2021, Lydia hopes to work for a digital marketing agency either in or near her hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

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The ABC’s of Millersville University

Read below to see all of the great things Millersville University has to offer from A to Z!

A: Alumni mentors are available to offer support and advice to students through Mentor Collective. Click here to learn more.

B: Best friends are made here!

C: Campus Life offers students a variety of ways to get involved in campus life both on campus and virtually. Visit Get Involved to find information about student organizations and events.

D: Diversity Award from “INSIGHT Into Diversity” magazine was awarded to Millersville University for the 9th consecutive year.  Click here to read a blog post about the award and MU’s commitment to diversity.

E: EPPIIC Values are the core values which members of the Millersville University community live by. They include exploration, professionalism, public mission, inclusion, integrity, and compassion.

F: Food truck called the “Marauder Express” is located between South and West Villages and is serving delicious food Monday’s through Friday’s from 7:30am to 1:30pm.

G: Graduate Assistants (GA’s) work hard to help students however they can. Click here to learn about East Villages GA Hannah Stoner, or here to learn about West Villages GA Will Halko, and stay tuned for a post about South Villages GA Gabby Vaxmonsky!

H: Honors College at Millersville encourages students to reach their full potential and provides students with additional opportunities for both academic and personal success.

I: Internship information, career resources, Millersville’s Career Connection Job Database, Job and Internship fairs, and much more are made available to students through Experiential Learning and Career Management (ELCM). 

J: Join organizations on campus to meet new people, experience new things, gain skills, and more. Millersville has over 150 clubs for you to check out!

K: Kick back and relax by the pond after a long day and enjoy the beautiful views:

Millersville pond during fall. Photo Source

L: Library resources like eBooks, research guides, and more are super helpful tools available for students to take advantage of. Visit the McNairy Library and Learning Forum website to learn more.

M: Marauder Gold can be used to make purchases not just on campus, but at local stores, restaurants, and pharmacies. Click here to view the full list of places that accept Marauder Gold. GRUBHUB is now an option as well! More information is forthcoming about how to sign up for and use GRUBHUB with your Marauder Gold.

N: News, reminders, interesting blog posts (like this one!), and more are shared with students, faculty, and staff via email everyday through ‘Ville Daily. Make sure to regularly check the ‘Ville Daily announcements to see what’s new!

O: Over 100 undergraduate majors for students to choose from. Click here for more information.

P: Park City Mall, Lancaster Central Market, and so many other places nearby for Marauders to check out.

Q: Quilt known as the “Negating Hate” digital quilt is a virtual quilt which was made to unite the Millersville University community and promote eliminating all forms of discrimination. Click here to view the quilt.

R: Residence halls provide a safe environment for students to learn, thrive, and make connections in. Visit the Housing and Residential Programs site for more information, or check out some of our other blog posts to learn more!

S: Starbucks and Saxbys are conveniently located right on campus.

T: The Snapper is a student-run newspaper with articles on a wide variety of subjects, as well as podcasts and videos. Click here to check it out.

U: University Activities Board has plenty of fun events and activities  for students to enjoy on-campus or virtually.

V: Volunteer Central is Millersville University’s way to provide students with opportunities to give back to the community through volunteering. Visit the Volunteer Central web page for more information and ways you can help.

W: Writing Center provides students with the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a trained peer tutor for help with writing and editing papers.

X: X-ray spectrometer, atomic force microscope, and a cryogenics unit are among some of the many scientific instruments in Millersville’s inventory which students in scientific fields can use. Click here to view the complete list.

Y: You become part of a family when you attend Millersville University. The Millersville community is supportive and accepting, and is something to always cherish being a part of. Check out our blog post where Marauders expressed what being a member of this community meant to them.

Z: ‘Za (aka pizza) can be picked up or delivered from the Sugar Bowl, House of Pizza, Nino’s Pizzeria, and more local pizza spots.

Want a fun challenge? Comment the first letter in your first name and use that letter to start a sentence saying what you love about Millersville!


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Debunking Myths About Online Classes

Since a lot of classes are being offered online rather than in-person in order to keep students, faculty, and staff as safe as possible; there are sure to be some questions about how online classes will work. Since the switch to online classes during the middle of last semester, a lot of returning students got the chance to experience remote learning and learn how to manage digital classes. For the incoming freshman who haven’t had experience with online college classes yet (or the returning students who are hesitant about online learning), here are some common myths you may have heard about online classes and the reasons that they’re just not true:

1. I won’t learn as much if classes are online: Professors top priority is to teach their students. Just because the way they are teaching has changed doesn’t mean they have stopped trying or caring about students’ education. While certain courses may look different and some of the course material may have been changed to improve online learning capabilities, you will still be able to learn just as much as you would in person. How much you learn also depends on you, not just on the course. If you’re engaging and working hard, you’ll learn a lot and do well whether the class is in person or online.

2. It’s impossible to motivate myself to get work done for an online class: While it may be difficult to motivate yourself to complete assignments sometimes, it’s definitely not impossible, even for online courses. Remind yourself that your grades are still important even though you’re not physically in the classroom. Try to plan times each week to focus on different classes for certain periods of time. For example, maybe take one hour each day to work on assignments or study for your hardest class, and take an hour every other day for another less demanding class. Setting up a schedule like this will help you stay on track and will encourage you to get work done in the time frame you set for yourself. 

3. I won’t have access to help if I need it: Millersville’s faculty and staff members are always eager to help students! You can always contact your professors, advisors, and other staff members when you need help. You can set up Zoom or Skype meetings, phone calls, or just email staff back and forth and they’ll do whatever they can to help you. Millersville’s Writing Center is offering online tutoring for the Fall 2020 semester. You can also check which departments are offering tutoring services, apply to request a tutor, and contact the Tutoring Center with any questions. The Millersville Counseling Center is also a great resource if you’re struggling and need someone to talk to. You can schedule a teletherapy appointment either through Zoom (preferred) or over the phone. Call 717-871-7821 to schedule an appointment.

4. My grades will suffer: Your grades will only suffer if you let them. Just like in-person classes, it’s up to you to keep up with your assignments, put in the work, and reach out if you need help. Professors have been working hard to structure their classes in a way that helps students learn the material and succeed while taking the course remotely. Treat the course as if it were in-person to help yourself perform well. Make time for each of your classes, eliminate distractions like phones while you’re doing work, and remind yourself that doing well in your classes will only help you in the future, so it’s worth it to try your hardest and put in the work.  

5. I won’t know when things are due: Due dates and things like exam days will be on your syllabus for each of your classes. Once you have access to a syllabus for all of your classes, I strongly recommend you put important dates somewhere that you’ll be able to see them regularly. You can use the calendar in Outlook to keep track of when things are due, when you have exams, and so on. It’s quick and easy to add events onto the calendar. If you have an event involving multiple people, like a Zoom study session, you can invite people to join the event and create a Zoom link to go with the invitation. You can also use Microsoft Teams for video calls, and any scheduled calls are saved in your Teams Calendar. Click here to learn more about how you can utilize Microsoft Teams. If you have something like a project that will be due at the end of the semester and you’re not sure when to start it, contact your professor for some advice! In fact, having a digital syllabus is almost easier than having just a physical one, because you don’t have to worry about losing it. 

Your college experience is what you make it. Whether classes are in-person or online for the time being, you’ll still be able to learn and do well if that’s what you want. This semester will give you a great opportunity to learn more about yourself and how you can handle different types of courses, so make the most of it! Try your best and if you’re having trouble, reach out to people. You’re not alone – every Marauder is trying to figure things out just like you! 

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