Save Energy and Participate in Ville Unplugged!

Ville Unplugged is an energy conservation campaign that runs each year here at Millersville in the Spring. This year, the campaign will run from March 25th to April 14th. The purpose of this campus-wide campaign is to reduce campus energy levels in order to become a more sustainable campus. If we all try to reduce our individual energy used through simple acts, we can save our campus energy and in turn help the environment.

Faculty, Staff and Students are encouraged to participate in this years Ville Unplugged. If you click on the link here, you can check in on the amount of energy your Residence hall is using or conserving based on other days in the week once the event starts. There is also a graphic of the amount of energy the classroom buildings are using compared to one another. If we all make small changes to our energy consumption we can save our campus a great amount of energy. Here are some ways you can help to reduce your residence hall’s energy consumption!


  1. Shut off the lights when you leave a room, office or classroom.

Often times we forget to turn off lights when we leave a room which can waste energy. Whether you are in your residence hall, library, classroom or anywhere else on campus make sure to hit the light switch on your way out!

  1. Open your blinds and use natural light instead of lighting fixtures.

Natural light can increase your mood and save energy. If you are in your room during the day, opt to use natural light instead of turning on your lights or lamp in your room.

  1. Unplug chargers or chords that are not in use.

If you are not using something you have plugged in, make sure to unplug it to save energy. Sometimes we forget to unplug our charger after we remove it from our phone, but this can waste a great amount of energy.

4.  When doing laundry, wash your clothes in cold water instead of warm.

By opting to use cold water, you will save extra energy because the water will not need to be warmed up.

5. Do not leave the water running while you brush your teeth.

Brushing our teeth is a daily task we participate in. By taking the time to turn the faucet off while we brush, we can save our residence hall energy. Also, if you use cold water instead of warm it can also save more energy!

By altering simple tasks we complete each day we can save energy and make a difference in our environment. We hope you will implement some of these tips and watch to see what building will use the least amount of energy. If you have any other energy saving tips tweet them at us! Our user name is @VilleHousing  .

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