Residential Area Director Matt Rutkoski Leads $6,000 Food Drive for the Campus Cupboard

Residential Area Director Matthew Rutkoski lead a very successful food and supply drive for the Campus Cupboard during spring 2021 finals week.  “After noticing that students had a lot of dining money left, I made it a point to reach out to students and encouraged them to use their remaining funds to purchase and donate food to the Campus Cupboard. I provided students with a list of items they could donate and let them know that they could leave the items in the lobby of each hall or they could contact me directly.” Items requested included non-perishable foods, water, other drinks, and cleaning & bathroom supplies.

Since that time, Matt picked up, sorted, collected, and transported all items to the Campus Cupboard.  The biggest donation came from the Millersville University College Dems Initiative, which was headed by Andrew Geer who also serves as a Resident Assistant. The group donated approximately $3,200 of food.  Additional supplies, such as water and cleaning supplies we also donated.  Overall, according to the calculations, approximately $6,000 worth of items were donated to the Campus Cupboard.

Ed Weber, Director of The HUB / Campus Cupboard, shared his gratitude. “This spring marks eight years of partnership between the Campus Cupboard Food Pantry at The HUB and Millersville University. We couldn’t serve students without the generous support of MU Faculty, Staff, and Administration. Typically, the end of a school year finds us with empty shelves and low supplies, but thanks to the end of semester food drive in the residence halls, we are stocked full and ready to continue to provide food assistance throughout the summer.  Special thanks to Matt Rutkoski for coordinating this effort.  During the past week, Matt delivered over eight carts filled with the food donations of students.  We appreciate our partnership with Housing and look forward to continuing to serve MU students together.”

Thank you to both Matt Rutkoski and Andrew Geer for putting our EPPIIC Values into action through your servant leadership efforts. We are proud to have you on the University Housing & Conference Services Team!

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