Networking In College

As we approach the end of the semester, topics such as networking start to cross our mind. Whether we are seniors preparing for the real world or freshmen bunkering down for the next few years, this topic can still be just as important to us both. Networking is a crucial part of a college student’s career development. So, here are some tips on how to network effectively as a college student.

Attend career fairs: Most colleges organize career fairs where you can meet with employers from various industries. Attend these events to learn about career opportunities and to connect with potential employers. Millersville has a career and internship fair each semester that is extremely helpful for connecting with potential employers.

Join student organizations: Joining student organizations related to your field of interest can help you meet other students who share your passion and can also provide opportunities for networking with alumni and industry professionals. It may not seem like the obvious answer, but sometimes the fun you have outside the classroom can also assist in helping you network.

Connect with alumni: Your college’s alumni network can be an excellent resource for networking. Reach out to alumni who are working in your desired field and ask for advice or mentorship. It is especially helpful if these alumni are working at your desired destination for employment.

Utilize social media: LinkedIn is a valuable tool for networking, as it allows you to connect with professionals in your field and join industry groups. Follow leaders and companies in your field on Twitter and other social media platforms to stay up-to-date on industry news and trends.

Attend workshops and events: Attend workshops and events related to your field to expand your knowledge and network with professionals in your industry. Some universities and clubs on campus offer these, or just research events close to where you live.

Informational interviews: Reach out to professionals in your desired field and ask for an informational interview. This can be a valuable opportunity to learn about their career path and gain advice on how to break into the industry. It is also great practice for the interview process that you will experience when searching for a job.

Remember that networking is about building relationships, so focus on building genuine connections with the people you meet. Keep in touch with your contacts and follow up with them periodically to maintain the relationship. Networking reflects the effort you put into it. Happy Spring! Only one month to go Marauders.


Gabrielle Krick is a senior Business Administration major with a concentration in Management and minor in Marketing at Millersville University. Her interests include human resources, social media marketing, and content marketing. When she graduates in May 2023, Gabby hopes to work for a large company’s human resources department, specifically representing minorities and the LGBTQ community. She hopes to either stay in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area or move somewhere near Rehoboth, Delaware.  

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