Meet the Spring 2024 University Housing Marketing Intern- Abbey Rosenblatt

I am grateful for every opportunity that Millersville University has given me. This internship set the path for me and my Marketing career! I was unsure what I wanted to do post graduation, and finally I have come to the conclusion that I want to continue marketing and hopefully soon find my dream job. I remember starting this internship a couple months ago, and seeing past interns’ graduation posts. I always felt like that would be months away and I had lots of time. Granted I was wrong. The time flew by within the internship and I learned a lot. I was glad I had Dr. Helfrich, my internship supervisor, to help me with these learning goals.

What did you learn about marketing, blogging, and using social media channels? Through blogging and posting on social media channels, I was able to learn how to engage more with students here at Millersville University. My goal was to attract students’ attentions through posting. I enjoyed having a little leeway to post whatever topic I wanted on certain weeks. The creating and developing of those things, then finally getting to post for the students to see was exciting. I learned a lot more about marketing and analytics especially. I can see how much I have grown within this internship and can now move onto the “real world”. 

What did you learn about yourself? Through networking at a recent American Marketing Association (AMA) event and communicating with other mentors in the marketing world, I was able to learn that I have the skills and knowledge. I just have to be more confident with myself and my actions. I learned that being confident with my responses and ideas and not second guessing got me farther than it did in the past. 

What is your favorite blog post that you wrote? My favorite blog post that I wrote was on the topic of Sustainability within the Residence Halls. I am very passionate about the environment and being sustainable, so being able to incorporate that into a blog post for this internship was amazing. I like how there was flexibility within the blog and social media posts!

What is your most memorable project? I really enjoyed getting to interview employees on campus and then creating posts for those specific departments. I feel like there should be more light shed on those departments that do a lot of behind the scenes work. I enjoyed being able to meet only a few of the hard workers on campus that help with major issues.  

What are your plans for the future? This question is a love, hate topic for me. Because my initial plan for the future is to find my dream job in marketing some time next fall. I want to take the summer off to apply to jobs and maybe work as another intern somewhere. However, I know that I cannot control plans for my future and I need to take it one step at a time and see where life takes me. That would be my biggest piece of advice for soon to be college graduates. Not putting so much pressure on yourself to achieve huge goals in one day. Small goals are still thrilling and you should be happy with yourself, because those small goals lead you up to a bigger goal. 


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