Meet the Resident Assistants — Phil Romansky

Meet your RA: Phil Romansky, West Village

  • Name/Year/Hometown
      • Phil Romansky / Senior / Stroudsburg, PA
  • Do you have any hobbies?
      • Biking, drinking coffee, and telling dad jokes.
  • Why did you want to become an RA?
      • I wanted to become an RA to teach residents that college is something to be taken seriously. I also want to model what it is like to be a successful non-traditional student. I’m thankful to have a lot of other transfer students I can connect with.
  • What is the most valuable part of being an RA?
      • The most valuable part of being an RA is being able to mentor students. The access that we have and our responsibility with it is incredible. RAs really are creating a community, everything we do is intentional, and I love that.
  • What is your favorite program you held for your residents?
      • My favorite program was our MTO Acai Bowl program that I put on with the help of RA Quinn and RA Larry. We made a really great team, and a lot of people came out!
  • What do you hope your residents get out of you being their RA?
      • I hope that my residents learn that there is a balance to college and that they find their own balance. I am really honest with my residents, and I want them to have a realistic vision of the world before they graduate. Hopefully, I can impart that foresight onto them.
  • Do you have any valuable tips or tricks that you have learned from your time here at MU to pass on to other students?
      • Free printing at the ELC and get a BIKE!
  • What is your favorite part of living in the residence halls?
      • There’s always someone to get lunch with.
  • Why did you choose to come to Millersville?
      • Anything was better than East Stroudsburg University!
  • What is your favorite class you have taken at Millersville?
      • Public Relations Issues and Cases.

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