Meet the Resident Assistants — Maddie Feeman

Meet your RA: Maddie Feeman, South Village

  • Name/Hometown/Major(s)
      • Madison Feeman / Duel Early Childhood and Special Education / Wyomissing, PA
  • Do you have any hobbies?
      • When I have some free time, I love to read.
  • Why did you want to become an RA?
      • I wanted to become an RA to have the opportunity to gain leadership experience. I also wanted to be able to make connections with more students while also helping them reach their personal goals.
  • What is the most valuable part of being an RA?
      • The most valuable part of being an RA is being able to gain life-long friendships with the staff and the residents.
  • What is your favorite program you held for your residents?
      • My favorite program that I’ve held was “Pie an RA!” This program was held with RAs CJ and Jack, and we raised $255 for the Millersville Relay for Life!
  • What do you hope your residents get out of you being their RA?
      • I hope my residents are able to feel like if they’re struggling, or if they feel alone, they always have me supporting them and cheering them on.
  • Do you have any valuable tips or tricks that you have learned from your time here at MU to pass on to other students?
      • Do the things that YOU want to do. If you only do what other people want you to do, you won’t be able to become the best version of yourself. Find a new club or organization or department that intrigues you, and do what makes you happy.
  • What is your favorite part of living in the residence halls?
      • My favorite part of living in the Residence Halls is all of the programming and community-building that happens to build bonds and relationships.
  • Why did you choose to come to Millersville?
      • I chose to come to Millersville for a lot of reasons. However, for me, the most important reason is that, as soon as I stepped on campus, I felt a sense of community and family, and Millersville felt like home.
  • What is your favorite class you have taken at Millersville?
      • So far, my favorite class at Millersville is Dr. Himmele’s ERCH 485—Teaching English Language Learners.
  • Do you have any upcoming events?
      • I currently have Identi-TEA and Stress Ball Making on October 30th, where students can come drink some hot tea, make stress balls, and work on making goals. Later this semester, RA Connor and I will have some more Relay for Life fundraisers for students to participate in!

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