How to Maintain a Comfortable Temperature in Millersville University’s Residence Halls

Living in the residence halls at Millersville University offers a unique community experience, but it also comes with the responsibility of ensuring a comfortable living environment for everyone. Yvonne, one of our dedicated Residential Area Directors (RADs), has taken the initiative to address some common concerns that affect life in the Village suites, starting with the crucial aspect of temperature regulation.

Understanding Your Thermostat Settings

The thermostats in our residence halls are set to maintain a comfortable range between 68 and 74 degrees. This is to ensure that regardless of the season, you can enjoy a pleasant indoor environment. However, if you find the temperature in your room dropping below 66 degrees or rising above 76 degrees, it’s important to take action. Such extremes shouldn’t occur with properly functioning HVAC systems, so please report these issues by submitting a work order. Instructions for doing so can be found HERE.

The Impact of Open Windows

An often-overlooked aspect of temperature control is the impact of open windows. Opening your windows during very hot or cold periods may seem like a quick fix, but it can inadvertently affect the temperature regulation in neighboring rooms. This is because open windows can trigger the thermostats outside your room, leading to discomfort for your neighbors. And remember, the reverse can also happen, affecting your own room’s comfort.

To minimize this, if you feel the need to open your windows, please do so briefly—just a few minutes should be sufficient—and ensure they’re closed before you leave the room. This simple act of consideration can significantly improve the living experience for everyone in your building.

Special Note on Lounge and Common Spaces

The lounges and common spaces in our residence halls are shared amenities that everyone should be able to enjoy comfortably. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep the windows in these areas closed. We understand that sometimes, especially in kitchens, you might need to air out odors from cooking. In such cases, open the windows only as long as necessary to clear the air and close them promptly afterwards.

By adhering to these guidelines, you’ll be playing a vital part in creating a more comfortable and harmonious living environment for all residents. It’s about respecting each other’s space and comfort, and together, we can make our residence halls a better place to live, study, and relax.

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