How to Be Successful While Taking Online Classes

Welcome back from your two week spring break Marauders! I hope you are adjusting to remote learning and that things are starting to calm down for you. I know it has been a stressful time for both students and faculty. Going remote with class can be hard, especially for those who have never taken or taught classes online. There are a few tips you can try to make this time a little easier for you.

Treat it like a face to face course.

It can be harder to get classwork done when it is online. You need to have the discipline to sit down and get the work done instead of putting it off till later. Remember that you are still paying for the course and that the class will help you later on. You want to treat this class as you would a job, show up (even if it is a Zoom meeting) and get the work done.

Hold yourself accountable.

If you do not have a planner, now is a really good time to get one. When you take a face-to-face course you get verbal or visual reminders of assignments and exams. Now that we are going online it will become harder to keep track of everything that needs to be done. By having a planner you will be able to keep track of your assignments and hold yourself accountable.

Practice time management.

Managing your time has never been as important as it is now. With all the stress of figuring things out it is hard to keep a strict schedule. It may take a week or two, but try to form a schedule that works best for you.

Create a regular study space and stay organized.

Find a place in your home where you won’t be disturbed. Whether it’s your room or somewhere else, you need to find a place where you can focus on your work. You should keep that space clean and organized. This will help you focus as well.

Figure out how you learn best.

After you find your perfect work space, you should think about when and how you learn best. Some people work better in the mornings. So, when they wake up they should set some time aside to get their work done. For those who work better in the evenings set aside some time after dinner to get your work done.

Actively participate.

Many professors are using D2L’s discussion section and Zoom meetings. It is important to try and participate in these discussions because it is how you are going to get the most out of your class. These learning forums are where you can get the most information from.

Not everyone likes taking online courses, but we need to make the most of it. It is important to keep up with your work and try to fulfill your semester goals. If you follow the tips above you may find that you like having your classes online.

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