Helpful Studying Tips

Studying is not the most fun activity to engage in. It is, however, extremely important as a college student. Since it isn’t fun it can be hard to focus while studying making it pointless. Here are a few tips on how to form good study habits:

Take Good Notes

Taking good notes isn’t exactly easy for most. Try to take notes on the key points in class and the textbook/readings. You don’t want to take notes on information that you are not going to need. If you aren’t sure you understood what the main points were in a lecture, then go and see your professor during their office hours. You can always ask to record the lecture, but you will need the professor’s permission first.

Keep Organized

Keep some sort of a planner or calendar to make time management easier. By doing this you can keep track of your classes, extra activities, and work schedule. Then just add in your homework and you are all set.

Another tip you can follow is putting sticky notes into your textbooks. This will make it easier to go back later and see the key points you took from that page.

Turn OFF your electronics

I know this may be hard, especially since for most of your homework nowadays you need your laptop but trust me it is better without the distractions. When it comes to your laptop, make a rule that you won’t go on any distracting websites such as social media and/or streaming sites. I have distracted myself many times by listening to music or telling myself one more episode of a tv show.

As for your cell phone, turn it off. You won’t need it to do your homework.

Don’t Cram for Tests

It can be tempting to put off studying until the very last minute, but it doesn’t help you. Try studying a little bit each day. This will help you not to be overwhelmed as well as help you retain the information.

Find the Perfect Spot for you

Everyone has a different preference about where to study. Some want it quiet with as few people as possible. Some prefer the hustle and bustle of a coffee shop. Some like to have music playing while they study, some need it absolutely quiet. Try and find the best study spot for you by trying a few different spots.

And Finally Take a Break

You do not need to sit for hours studying. In fact, it is best to take a break here and there to clear your head and not get overwhelmed. Personally, I watch an episode or two of a TV show I have already seen. This makes it easier to keep myself from getting distracted. If I were to watch a new TV show that has me hooked I may not go back to my studying.

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