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Highlighting Influential Women & Their Stories

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we initiated a conversation with some notable female leaders at Millersville University, inviting them to share their reflections on the profound influence of women in their lives and careers. This dialogue extended beyond identifying impactful figures on campus; it delved into the essence of inspiration, exploring the attributes they most admire, and the lessons learned from these pivotal relationships. Additionally, we asked for their wisdom directed at young women embarking on their university journey or stepping into the professional world, seeking guidance that could light the path ahead. Our conversation also ventured into the future, discussing the aspirations for women in academia, the workplace, and society at large, alongside the practical steps our university community can take to foster these advancements. The responses we received form a mosaic of insights and aspirations, painting a vivid picture of the strength, resilience, and transformative potential women hold, serving as a beacon of inspiration for Millersville University’s students, faculty, and staff. This narrative not only honors the achievements and challenges of women but also aims to empower our community to actively support and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable future.

Who has been the most influential woman in your life or career? How has she inspired you, and what qualities do you admire most in her?

Pietra Jamison- Senior Executive Associate to the President

My grandmother, Oretha, has been the most influential figure in my life and career journey. She hails from Bamberg, South Carolina, and her life story is one of early hardships and unwavering perseverance.

Growing up without her father and losing her mother at just four years old, she was raised by her mother’s family on a farm. There, she learned the value of hard work and dedication from a young age. Despite being a bright child, illness prevented her from completing her education, but it never dimmed her spirit. Moving to Pennsylvania with my grandfather, she faced further challenges, including his struggles with substance abuse and violence. Yet, through it all, her faith in God and belief in the power of education remained steadfast.

Although denied the opportunity to finish formal schooling, she made sure that all her children and grandchildren received an education. Her mantra, “No one can stop what God has in store for you,” reflects her unwavering optimism and determination. Her unwavering support and emphasis on education motivated me to pursue and complete my graduate degree. I am continually inspired by her tireless work ethic, resilience, and unconditional love. Her influence serves as a constant reminder of the importance of perseverance and staying true to oneself in the face of adversity.

Dr. Mary Beth Williams – Vice President for Student Affairs

The most influential women in my life are my three best friends Ginger Young, Tiffany Crandall, and Lesli Hoey. The four of us became friends in eighth grade (1988) at Southwest Junior High in Little Rock, Arkansas. During one of our first sleepovers, we decided to name ourselves “Lianygerethy” which is a combination of all of our names together, and we have emotionally, physically, and professionally supported each other for 36 years and counting (yes, we are all turning 50 this year). Although we now live in four different states (Arkansas, New York, Michigan, and Pennsylvania) with four completely different lives, we always support one another and love one another, we talk often, and we are committed to seeing each other as often as possible. Last fall, we all traveled to Puerto Rico together!

This friendship inspires me because it is one that has stood through the test of time, and it has only gotten better with that time. We challenge each other to be our best selves, our authentic selves. We call one another out when things are not right, and we support one another when there are things to fight for. We ask for each other’s opinions, and we listen to the honest answers we are given because they are, and they have always been given with love first and self-interest last. These women inspire me to be the best version of myself because they have truly seen all of the past versions of myself and have loved me through them. They make me want to be better, do better, and love better. I admire each of them for overcoming their own challenges in life with strength and beauty. We’ve seen each other ugly and sad, and we’ve seen each other beautiful and beaming. Through it all, we have always held onto our friendship like a life preserver in the vast ocean of the world.

I honestly have no idea what the rest of my life will hold, but I know without a shadow of a doubt, the four of us will be in it together helping each other every day.

What advice would you give to young women who are just beginning their university journey or are about to enter the workforce?

Melissa Wardwell – Director of Career Center 

Try to resist the urge to compare your life, success, or abilities to others (and use social media mindfully in that regard). Understand that everyone’s journey is different and remember that success is subjective and defined in different ways by different people.  Focus on your own growth, define your own success, and celebrate your achievements, no matter how small!

NJ Brown – Assistant Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life & Student Engagement

When I started my university journey back in Fall 2014, I remembered how focused I was on graduating in 4 years. When I was looking at my degree audit online, I told myself to stick to Graphic Design because there were more classes available for that concentration and it was easier to plan my four years around it. A year or two into my program, I didn’t want to admit out loud that I didn’t like Graphic Design and that I wished I had asked more questions around illustration as a concentration.

For young women embarking on a new journey, I advise taking your time to learn about your university program. I focused too much on meeting requirements that I didn’t stop to learn about different concentrations or different classes to explore within my program. If I could redo college, I would have chosen all sorts of electives to see which ones resonated with me more than Graphic Design.

For young women entering the work force, still take the time to learn about different professional development opportunities and committees to join. I work for Fraternity and Sorority Life now and I’m glad to join a committee within my professional association and I’m learning more about the Title IX field. It’s ok if your career interests change over time. I certainly did not see myself in FSL or Title IX when I was an undergraduate student, but I also didn’t learn about Higher Education as a career until my senior year of college. Keep your options open and embrace opportunities to learn new skills. You never know where life takes you in a just a few years.

Jackie Aliotta – Assistant Director of Student Organizations & Leadership

Your collegiate years can be very transformative, and you should utilize these years to your advantage. College is a great time to figure out who you are and who you want to become. In addition to excelling academically inside the classroom, get involved co-curricularly outside the classroom as well. Getting involved in clubs and organizations is a great way to meet people, make friends, find your social groups, and enhance your leadership skills. You’re going to develop transferable skills through your involvement that will make you more marketable to future employers. Be a sponge and soak up every opportunity even if you don’t feel completely qualified. Live your best life, network, explore career options, and when you get a seat at the table speak up. You can do anything you set your mind to. 

Lauren Blevins – University Nurse Practitioner & Interim Director of Health Services 

For young women just finishing school and entering the workforce, this may come with some insecurities, and you may question your abilities at times.  It is important to enter your new career eager to learn, ready to challenge yourself, and with confidence.  I encourage women to feel empowered and believe that they are capable and can handle the same challenges as their male colleagues.  Although pay inequity for women is still prevalent, over the past few years we are seeing more women represented in the workforce and holding more executive and managerial roles than in the past.  To be successful, we must prioritize self-advocacy and display assertiveness.  If you cannot be your own champion, you cannot expect others to share your vision or view you as a leader.  You need to be aware of your self-worth, not be afraid to challenge the process, enable others to act, position yourself to set goals, and achieve them. 

We need to cultivate an environment where we continue to learn in our career and not allow anyone to make you feel unworthy of your accomplishments.  I follow the philosophy that you do not ever lose in life; you either win or you learn.  If an outcome is not what we had hoped or expected, we need to take this as an opportunity for growth and make changes to ensure future successes. It is important to ensure your core values align with the institution you work for.  Every company has their own organizational culture.  If you ever feel that your company does not see your dedication or acknowledge your contributions, do not feel powerless.  Instead, you can choose acceptance, and take your talents, experiences, and knowledge to a new environment that shares your vision and values your worth. 

Joni Klopp – Director of Undergraduate Recruitment

Go after what you want. Life is only what you make it, whether on a university campus or in the professional world. Many young women (my younger self included) experience imposter syndrome as they navigate new opportunities. Know your value and don’t be afraid to occupy the space you deserve.

Looking towards the future, what changes do you hope to see for women in academia, the workplace, and society? What steps do you think we can take as a university community to support these changes?

Yvonne DeBlois – Residential Area Director, East Village

Women continue to have a stronger and stronger voice in the workplace and are more empowered to speak up about the disparities we see. As a society, we are getting better at recognizing and calling out biases both conscious and unconscious, and we are lucky at Millersville that we are safe to challenge biases when we see them.

As a university community, we can continue to support these changes by bolstering the systems we have in place that offer resources, recourse, and even perhaps protections to those who do experience or challenge experiences where biases may be at play. We do a good job of reviewing and updating policies and practices so that they may be relevant and flexible as our community needs continue to flex or change. Maintaining this adaptability will allow us opportunity to continue serving our community even in areas we may not be able to fully anticipate.

The insights shared by some of our female leaders at Millersville University have been profoundly inspiring. The diverse narratives presented offer a wealth of wisdom, showcasing the resilience and strength inherent in the female experience. These stories are not just narratives of success but are also guiding lights for overcoming life’s challenges and finding motivation in the face of adversity. We believe that everyone has a story of a woman who has made a significant impact on their lives, whether through direct interaction or through the legacy of their accomplishments. Therefore, we invite our readers to join this meaningful conversation. Share with us: Who are your female role models? How have they inspired you, and what lessons have you drawn from their lives? Let’s continue to build this community of inspiration, sharing stories that uplift and motivate, forging connections that celebrate the incredible contributions of women to our world.

10 Motivational Quotes To Get You Through the Rest Of the Semester

It is that time of the semester again, where the post Spring Break blues kick in. While the end of the semester seems so close, impending assignment due dates and school obligations are all but giving us comfort. As a senior, trust me, I get it. So, here are 10 quotes to help get you through the rest of the semester.

  1. “Education is not the learning of many facts, but the training of the mind to think.” – Albert Einstein
  2. “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” – Winston Churchill
  3. “You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.” – Michael Jordan
  4. “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss
  5. “A little progress each day adds up to big results.” – Satya Nani
  6. “It never gets easier. You just get better.” – Jordan Hoechlin
  7. “Whatever you are, be a good one.” – Abraham Lincoln
  8. “Just remember, you can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger
  9. “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” – Steve Martin
  10. “Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day-in and day-out.” – Robert Collier

While these quotes will not complete your assignments for you, I hope they tell you what you have been needing to hear. We are a short five weeks away from the end of the semester. Keep going Marauders.


Gabrielle Krick is a senior Business Administration major with a concentration in Management and minor in Marketing at Millersville University. Her interests include human resources, social media marketing, and content marketing. When she graduates in May 2023, Gabby hopes to work for a large company’s human resources department, specifically representing minorities and the LGBTQ community. She hopes to either stay in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area or move somewhere near Rehoboth, Delaware.  

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10 Motivational Quotes from the Black Community

Since 1976, the month of February has been recognized as Black History Month. Why February, you may ask? “Negro History Week” by Carter G. Woodson originally had its debut in February. President Abraham Lincoln, who issued the Emancipation Proclamation, and African American abolitionist, author, and orator Frederick Douglass, were also both born in February.  

  1. “Freedom is never given; it is won.” – A. Philip Randolph  
  2. “Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.” – Dr. Mae Jamison 
  3. “One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.” – Arthur Ashe 
  4. “You never know which experiences of life are going to be of value . . . You’ve got to leave yourself open to the hidden opportunities.” – Robin Roberts 
  5. “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” – El Hajj Malik El Shabazz  
  6. “Change will not come if we wait for some other people or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” – President Barack Obama 
  7. “We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated.” – Maya Angelou  
  8. “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” – Alice Walker 
  9. “You never know how or when you’ll have an impact, or how important your example can be to someone else.” – Denzel Washington 
  10. “There’s always something to suggest that you’ll never be who you wanted to be. Your choice is to take it or keep on moving.” – Phylicia Rashad  

Add your own favorite motivational quote from any inspiring individuals from the Black community.  


Gabrielle Krick is a senior Business Administration major with a concentration in Management and minor in Marketing at Millersville University. Her interests include human resources, social media marketing, and content marketing. When she graduates in May 2023, Gabby hopes to work for a large company’s human resources department, specifically representing minorities and the LGBTQ community. She hopes to either stay in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area or move somewhere near Rehoboth, Delaware.  

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The ABC’s of Millersville University

Read below to see all of the great things Millersville University has to offer from A to Z!

A: Alumni mentors are available to offer support and advice to students through Mentor Collective. Click here to learn more.

B: Best friends are made here!

C: Campus Life offers students a variety of ways to get involved in campus life both on campus and virtually. Visit Get Involved to find information about student organizations and events.

D: Diversity Award from “INSIGHT Into Diversity” magazine was awarded to Millersville University for the 9th consecutive year.  Click here to read a blog post about the award and MU’s commitment to diversity.

E: EPPIIC Values are the core values which members of the Millersville University community live by. They include exploration, professionalism, public mission, inclusion, integrity, and compassion.

F: Food truck called the “Marauder Express” is located between South and West Villages and is serving delicious food Monday’s through Friday’s from 7:30am to 1:30pm.

G: Graduate Assistants (GA’s) work hard to help students however they can. Click here to learn about East Villages GA Hannah Stoner, or here to learn about West Villages GA Will Halko, and stay tuned for a post about South Villages GA Gabby Vaxmonsky!

H: Honors College at Millersville encourages students to reach their full potential and provides students with additional opportunities for both academic and personal success.

I: Internship information, career resources, Millersville’s Career Connection Job Database, Job and Internship fairs, and much more are made available to students through Experiential Learning and Career Management (ELCM). 

J: Join organizations on campus to meet new people, experience new things, gain skills, and more. Millersville has over 150 clubs for you to check out!

K: Kick back and relax by the pond after a long day and enjoy the beautiful views:

Millersville pond during fall. Photo Source

L: Library resources like eBooks, research guides, and more are super helpful tools available for students to take advantage of. Visit the McNairy Library and Learning Forum website to learn more.

M: Marauder Gold can be used to make purchases not just on campus, but at local stores, restaurants, and pharmacies. Click here to view the full list of places that accept Marauder Gold. GRUBHUB is now an option as well! More information is forthcoming about how to sign up for and use GRUBHUB with your Marauder Gold.

N: News, reminders, interesting blog posts (like this one!), and more are shared with students, faculty, and staff via email everyday through ‘Ville Daily. Make sure to regularly check the ‘Ville Daily announcements to see what’s new!

O: Over 100 undergraduate majors for students to choose from. Click here for more information.

P: Park City Mall, Lancaster Central Market, and so many other places nearby for Marauders to check out.

Q: Quilt known as the “Negating Hate” digital quilt is a virtual quilt which was made to unite the Millersville University community and promote eliminating all forms of discrimination. Click here to view the quilt.

R: Residence halls provide a safe environment for students to learn, thrive, and make connections in. Visit the Housing and Residential Programs site for more information, or check out some of our other blog posts to learn more!

S: Starbucks and Saxbys are conveniently located right on campus.

T: The Snapper is a student-run newspaper with articles on a wide variety of subjects, as well as podcasts and videos. Click here to check it out.

U: University Activities Board has plenty of fun events and activities  for students to enjoy on-campus or virtually.

V: Volunteer Central is Millersville University’s way to provide students with opportunities to give back to the community through volunteering. Visit the Volunteer Central web page for more information and ways you can help.

W: Writing Center provides students with the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a trained peer tutor for help with writing and editing papers.

X: X-ray spectrometer, atomic force microscope, and a cryogenics unit are among some of the many scientific instruments in Millersville’s inventory which students in scientific fields can use. Click here to view the complete list.

Y: You become part of a family when you attend Millersville University. The Millersville community is supportive and accepting, and is something to always cherish being a part of. Check out our blog post where Marauders expressed what being a member of this community meant to them.

Z: ‘Za (aka pizza) can be picked up or delivered from the Sugar Bowl, House of Pizza, Nino’s Pizzeria, and more local pizza spots.

Want a fun challenge? Comment the first letter in your first name and use that letter to start a sentence saying what you love about Millersville!


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How to Set and Achieve Your Goals

Setting and achieving goals is important, but can be challenging for a number of reasons. Maybe you’re not sure how to get started, or you’re having trouble staying motivated to reach your goal. Keep reading to find out how to set achievable goals and how you can accomplish them.

It’s important to understand why you should set goals for yourself in the first place. When you set goals for yourself, you set yourself on a path for success. Without goals, you won’t be able to grow and reach your full potential. Vivak Patel, Interim Director of Enrollment Management, says the following about the benefits of setting goals:  “Goal setting not only helps us achieve new heights and grow as an individual, it creates the blueprint for transforming our visions into reality. Progressing towards goals will create a path full of satisfaction and setting goals are your first steps.” Once you recognize that, you can start the goal setting process.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Take responsibility: Acknowledge that you are in control of your life and if there’s something you want, you’re the one who has to take action to get it. Knowing yourself and realizing it’s up to you to follow through with it will help motivate you to take those first steps. As much as I wish I could just snap my fingers and magically do well on all my assignments in order to reach my goal of getting better grades, I know it’s up to me to study harder and put more time into my schoolwork if I want to do better. Plus, reaching a goal through your own efforts rather than the efforts of someone or something else makes reaching your goal feel like an even greater accomplishment.

2. Recognize what you want to achieve: Once you have a goal in mind, understand the reasons you want to achieve that goal. For example, my goal is to get better grades. I want to get better grades because I want to prove to myself that I’m smarter than I think and so I can set myself up for success after college. Knowing why I want to reach a certain goal is especially helpful for when I find myself struggling on the path to reaching it. My reasons for setting the goal in the first place remind me not to give up when things get difficult. On the path to success, you’ll likely face setbacks that may make you question whether or not your goal is really worth it. If something means a lot to you, you need to work to overcome the challenges and keep striving for it. Click here to read an article that shares 8 strategies for how to not give up.

3. Make a plan: When goal setting, it’s important to understand everything that you’ll have to do in order to reach that goal. Make sure your plan is realistic and attainable. Try to make a schedule that you’ll feel encouraged to stick with. For example, if you want to become a vegetarian, it’s much easier to start incorporating vegetarian alternatives into your meals gradually than to completely switch to an all-vegetarian diet. You could pick one day of the week where you only eat vegetarian foods, then slowly add another day, then do three days, and so on. Remember that some things will take time and there may be setbacks, but don’t let that discourage you. Make a plan and try your best to follow it closely, but make adjustments when you feel it’s necessary.

4. Don’t take on too much by yourself: Dr. Rachel Finley-Bowman, Dean of Student Success and Associate Provost, says this about not overwhelming yourself and feeling like you’re alone when trying to accomplish your goals: “When striving to set and achieve goals, two pieces of advice immediately come to mind – (1) think small and (2) ask for and accept support. The first suggestion doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t reach for your greatest dreams, but recognizes instead that any large goal is a sum of smaller parts. Prioritize and focus upon how you can achieve each part along the way. This helps to lessen anxiety about the overall task and gives you victories to celebrate as you progress in your journey. Teamwork and collaboration also promote achievement and so don’t be afraid to ask for support or accept it when it is offered. Every faculty and staff member in the MU learning community are stakeholders in your success. Leverage our expertise and guidance to help you achieve your goals.”

5. Visualize your goals and visualize yourself achieving them: Once you have an idea of what it will look like when you reach your goals, you’ll feel more inspired to achieve them. If your goal is to participate in more community service events, picture what that will look like and how it will feel to help others. Visualizing your goals will also help you recognize if a goal is unrealistic or not. If you’re a student taking several classes and you also have a job where you work long shifts, you may realize that participating in community service events regularly would be a challenge and you can adjust your goal accordingly. Vivak Patel recommends creating a vision board to help with visualization. He says, “Create, print, and cut out images that associate with your goals and hang them up on a board or even your wall. Place it in your room or somewhere that is visible for you. Look at your vision board each morning. Visualization will help you reach the goals that you set and this technique is used by the most successful people in the world.”

6. Reward yourself along the way: As you get closer to reaching your goal, reward yourself as an incentive to keep working. Whenever I study really hard for a test and do well on that test, I like to reward myself by buying my favorite candy. Telling myself that I’ll get M&M’s if I work hard gives me the motivation to get things done. It also makes me feel good after my hard work pays off and makes me want to study harder for my next test.  You should also reward yourself because you deserve to! Working towards a goal takes determination and work. Reaching milestones when trying to accomplish a certain goal, no matter how big or small, deserves recognition and celebration.

If there’s something you want to achieve, follow the steps above to help you achieve it. Remember that the faculty and staff at MU want to help you succeed however they can. Reach out to them for guidance and support when setting and achieving goals. Comment some goals you have that you’d like to start working towards. Remember, if you really want something and believe that it’s attainable, don’t give up on it!

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Fall 2020 Move-In: What to Bring

What should you bring with you when you move into the residence halls? We’ve compiled a list of essentials that you should bring with you on move-in day to help you answer that question. Feel free to print out this list and check off items as you get them to keep track of what you have/don’t have.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding the current COVID-19 situation, we ask that you do not pack everything you own, and that you stick to bringing the absolute essentials. Examples are listed below. This will also expedite the move-out process in the case that we need to fully close the residence halls due to the changing COVID-19 environment. Additionally, on-campus housing will be closed for the remainder of the semester on November 21, 2020 at 5:00pm. We stress that you pack lightly in order to simplify the move-out process.

Please note that we will NOT provide hand carts/trucks/dollies, so students should prepare accordingly to bring their own. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your continued cooperation as we navigate this challenging situation.

Essentials for your room:

  • Bedding (sheets, comforter, pillowcases)
  • Pillows
  • Plastic storage bins
  • Clothing (weather appropriate – short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, shorts, pants, shoes, socks and underwear)
  • Laundry basket (Tip: bring one that folds up for easy packing and moving)
  • Laundry detergent
  • Hangers
  • Small trash can
  • Dustpan and brush
  • Computer/laptop
  • Cell phone
  • Medication(s)
  • Desk supplies (pens, pencils, scissors, stapler, etc)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Masks
  • A personal thermometer for daily self-screening
  • Mini-refrigerator (The University contracts a third party for leasing refrigerator and microwave units which are leased on a yearly basis and will be delivered to your room. For more information, visit the MicroFridge website.)

Essentials for your bathroom:

  • Towels
  • Hand soap
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, etc.
  • Razor
  • Trash bags and small trash can
  • Toilet plunger
  • Toilet brush
  • Toilet paper (You must provide your own toilet paper)
  • Cleaning supplies, including toilet bowl cleaner, disinfectant cleaning spray, paper towels

Click here to learn more about what to bring and what not to bring with you. Keep packing hassle-free and eliminate the stress of move-in day by following our guide of what you should bring with you when you move into your residence hall. Remember: Students living on-campus for the Fall 2020 semester are strongly encouraged to pack lightly and focus on bringing essential items. Let us know if you have any questions about what you should/should not bring with you to move-in day in the comments!

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Best Student Discount Sites and Deals

As a college student, it’s safe to say I don’t have a lot of money to spend. Like most other students, I try my best to budget and look for the best deals to save money. Fortunately, there are some great discounts out there that help students like me keep some extra money in their bank accounts! Here are some helpful links to sites and deals that will make you and your wallet happy:

*Disclaimer: We are not endorsed by any of these sites or brands. This post is simply offering suggestions based on popular student discount sites and deals*


1. Unidays

Unidays is a website that lists student discounts in different categories like fashion, food & drink, technology, beauty, and more. Unidays also has a free app that you can download.

2. Student Beans

Student Beans is another popular website for finding the latest student discounts. They have a page called “Top 20” which they update regularly with the best deals going on right now. Student Beans also gives you the option to save discounts that you’ll want to use.

3. Shop Ship is a website that posts a wide variety of discounts. They have an entire section dedicated to student discounts. You can sign up to recieve email alerts when discounts you may be interested in become available. You can look at a large amount of discounts at once, or you can look at discounts for certain stores.

4. Save The Student

Save The Student is a great resource for students. The site has a student discount directory, and they also offer advice about banking and finances. Save The Student posts a deal of the day everyday, and if you subscribe to their emails, they’ll send you weekly deals.


  1. Spotify Premium Student: For $5.39 a month, you can get access to Spotify Premium as well as Hulu and SHOWTIME. Without this offer, you’d be paying about $27 for all three services, so this is a great deal.
  2. Amazon Prime Student: Prime Student costs about $6.49 per month and provides you with free 2-day delivery, free same-day delivery in eligible areas, as well as unlimited movies, TV shows, music streaming, reading, and photo storage.
  3. Nike: Students can get 20% off for a limited time (used to be $10 off). Plus, you can use this offer more than once.
  4. Chick-fil-A and Chipotle: Get a free small drink at these restaurants by showing your student ID.
  5. For more deals, check out this post on and this discount guide that includes a downloadable PDF from

Check out these sites and deals and see the savings for yourself! Comment your favorite student discount, and make sure to subscribe to our email list to receive notifications whenever we make a new post!

Continue reading Best Student Discount Sites and Deals

Tips on Surviving Social Distancing

It is getting harder for people to continue with social distancing. Having to stay away from those who do not live in your home can be difficult, especially since people need to interact with others. I know that I am starting to go a little stir crazy being stuck inside all the time. So the question remains, how can a person survive being away from others for so long? Here are some tips on how to survive social distancing:

Keep in touch with those you aren’t able to see everyday.

With what is happening now, technology is a great tool to have. Most people have a cell phone or access to a laptop, so use it to keep in touch with your friends and family. It may not be the same as being with them, but at least you can still stay in contact with them. This will help with the isolation and loneliness that comes from being away from them.

Go outside at least once a day.

Getting some fresh air can help your mental health. Go for a walk or play a game outside. You could even do your homework outside. Whatever you do, try to get outside as much as possible.

Exercise Daily.

Finding ways to exercise can help your mental health as well. Try finding a routine you can follow and sticking to it. Going for a run, biking, or yoga are some great forms of exercising. Since you can do these outside, you are able to get fresh air and stay fit.

Find a hobby.

If you already have a hobby, great! If not, find something you typically don’t have time for. I love doing arts and crafts. I may not be the best at it, but I find them fun and soothing. Since I have been home I have had more time to do more of what I like.

Help someone in need.

In times like these it is important to remember our EPPIIC Values and who we want to be as a person. If you have an elderly neighbor or someone who is unable to get out for groceries, maybe you can offer some sort of assistance. It is important not to lose sight of who we are during these difficult times.

It is imperative for us to stay close as a community while also adhering to the social distancing rules. Just because we can’t be with our community does not mean we have to give up our humanity. We need to be united now more than ever before.

Stay Healthy Everyone.

Finding the Motivation to Finish Strong

After spring break it is hard to find the motivation to do anything. It is even harder now that all courses have moved online. The semester feels like it will never end and it is hard not feeling drained. It is important, however, to keep working hard towards your goals. Here are some ways in which to stay motivated for the rest of the semester.

Remember what you are working for.

It is safe to say, that if you are in college then you desire to learn and grow into the person you want to be. Remember that in order to learn you need to do the work and show up for the Zoom meetings that your professors may have set up. It may be hard, but it will be worth it in the end.

It’s okay to change your mind.

Sometimes you need to change your goal or the steps to achieving that goal. It is okay to change your mind as long as you don’t give up entirely. I have changed my major multiple times as well as what I want to do after I graduate.

Change your HOW.

Instead of just trying to get your work done, turn your mindset into doing the task right. Instead of waiting till the last minute to do a paper or project start them early. This will help ensure you are doing them right and will cause you less stress.

Remember the feeling.

Keep in mind how it felt to get one step closer to your goal. It always feels good when a project or paper is done. Every assignment and test gets you just a little bit closer to your goal. It will feel even better at the end of this semester.

Find a meaningful quote.

Finding  a quote that means something to you may seem insignificant, but could help in the long run. We all need a little motivation to get us through the tough times.

My favorite motivational quote is:

Play to your strengths.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. It is important that you play to your strengths instead of letting yourself be discouraged by your weaknesses. If you don’t like online classes because you don’t feel focused enough try to think of your strengths. This could help you find a way past the difficulties you will face.

It has been rough on students, faculty and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. We just have to remember our EPPIIC Values and try to finish this semester strong.

Defeating Distractions While Working from Home

Distractions are all around us. Sometimes we look for them, sometimes they sneak up on us. Whatever the reason we usually find ways of distracting ourselves. This is especially true now that most of us are taking online courses and / or working from home. However, there are ways of preventing yourself from getting distracted.

Recognize what your distractions are.

We don’t always notice when we get distracted until after the fact. If you can spot what distracts you from your homework or that important task you are working on then maybe you can prevent them.

Some distractions you may face at home are your family, social media, TV, computer and cell phone. Turn off your notifications and cell phone. You won’t need them. As for your family, try asking them for an hour or two of alone time. It is important for you to focus on your school work and not them.

Put yourself in distraction free mode.

Once you can recognize what your distractions are, you will be able to get rid of them. Your phone is definitely a distraction and when doing homework you should have it turned off or at the very least put it on silence. When it comes to your computer you probably can’t turn it off, but keep social media platforms off. Try to organize your favorites or saved websites so that you aren’t tempted to let yourself get distracted.

Do the hardest (or most dreaded) task first.

It isn’t as hard to do the homework for the class or homework assignments you enjoy. Try doing the task that you do not want to do first. It will make the assignment easier and help you get done with it sooner.

Remove those bad habits that prevent you from getting things done.

The “I will do it later” or “It can wait” sayings are just some bad habits that you should rid yourself of. Instead try getting a head start on your homework or projects. Don’t put off what can be done now.

Declutter your mind.

Try to find relaxation techniques that help you. It is important to take time for yourself. If you need a starting point on finding the perfect relaxation technique for you check out the following article from the Mayo Clinic . By finding a good way of relaxing you will be able to declutter your mind.

Prepare your work place.

Clear your desk and get rid of the knick-knacks and photos on your desk. they may be cute but ultimately they will distract you from what you are doing. You also don’t want your desk to be cluttered because it can be distracting. This goes for the room you plan on working in. If the room is messy you will have a harder time focusing.

Set your time.

Do not try and get everything done at once. It will cause you stress and anxiety that you do not need in your life. Instead set a specific time frame for your projects. Between each project take a little break and relax. The breaks are when you can let yourself get distracted.

With all that is going on with COVID-19, it is important for us to find a way to limit the distractions in our lives. By getting rid of our distractions we can be more productive. This will lead to less stress and anxiety and ultimately make our lives easier. If you can find a way to get rid of your distractions then do it, it will help you in the long run.

Need a new Desk Organizer? Leave a comment below on how you are currently dealing with your distractions in order to be eligible to win a desk organizer with various school supplies (*supplies will vary from those in the photo*). A winner will be randomly selected on 4/10/2020 at 12:00 PM and will be announced. Only current Millersville University students are eligible to win.