Best Study Spots On Campus

Finals season is approaching and for many of us it is time to start putting our study plans into place. This time can be stressful and nerve-racking , but creating a schedule and sticking to it can help your grade. For me, I like to plan out when I will study for each of my exams. Another helpful tip I use is to make sure I am comfortable and focused  in the area I am studying. There are many different places to study and each of them have their pros and cons. Here is my list of the best places to study on campus.

  1. Study Rooms in the Residence Halls

Pros: These study rooms are very quiet and you also do not need to leave the comfort of your hall to trek to another spot. They also have whiteboards to help you study.

Cons: They are rarely empty because students fill them up real quick when no one is occupying them. 

2. Study Rooms on the 5th Floor in the Library

Pros: These spots are very private and provide a big area to study with friends. They also have TVs in the rooms incase you are working on something that needs to be presented.

Cons: These rooms are very hard to get and they are always taken by students. Also, there are not a lot of them.


This is a picture of my favorite study room. The room is very big, has a couch and many windows to look out!

3. Area Behind Starbucks

Pros: This is the perfect spot if you do not need to really focus on something. This area is close to Starbucks, so it is easy to get a pick-me-up while you’re studying. The big tables are also nice to spread your work on.

Cons: Sometimes this spot can get noisy because of its proximity to Starbucks. It also gets very busy around common hour.

4. The 6th Floor of the Library

Pros: This is the quiet floor of the library , so it is a very good place to go if you need to focus. There are also many individual desks.

Cons: Sometimes I feel self-conscious of the noise I am making which makes me uncomfortable. Many people go on this floor, so it is hard to find a seat.

5. Saxby’s

Pros: This is a great spot if you have work that does not require a lot of focus. This is also a good spot to meet with friends to get work done because of the large tables and location. It is also closer to the residence halls than the library or Starbucks.

Cons: It can get very noisy with people coming in to grab dinner or the music they play. During the day it gets very busy, so it is hard to study there.

If you have a favorite study spot, tweet us! Our username is @villehousing . Happy studying!

Cover photo courtesy of Canva. 

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