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Millersville University Fall On-Campus Housing Move-In Checklist

Welcome to a new academic year! Moving into college housing is an exciting time filled with new opportunities and experiences. To ensure a smooth transition, we’ve created a comprehensive Fall Move-In Checklist to help you stay organized before moving in and throughout the process. We hope our guide will make your move-in day stress-free and enjoyable. Let’s get started and make this the best year yet!
Prior to Moving-In

Room assignments were released on July 12th for the upcoming academic year. Sign in to Max>MyHousing to view your residence hall, room assignment, and suitemate(s). Familiarizing yourself with this information before arriving on campus is important. In addition, be sure to read the Fall 2024 On-Campus Housing Move-In Information blog post to determine what day and time you are designated to move-in. It is also highly recommended to reach out to your suitemate(s) to discuss who will bring what and to start getting to know each other.

On Move-In Day

As you approach campus, please follow the directional arrows to your appropriate residence hall. There will be a designated unloading area; park one vehicle here and any additional in the specified parking area. Once you are completely done unloading, move your vehicle to the specified parking area as well. If you have any questions or need assistance, student volunteers will be available to assist you.  After relocating your car, check in at your assigned residence hall to receive your room key and room condition report. Make sure to complete this form by the end of the day, as this important to the staff.

Click here to download this checklist as a PDF. Also, this Move-In Packing Checklist is highly recommended for students living on-campus here at Millersville University as well.

If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns regarding the information above, please reach out to our office through email at

Find Your Community: LGBTQ+ & Allies Housing at Millersville University

As we enter the month of June, the celebration of Pride Month has begun. During this time, awareness of the queer community is heightened, and an extra strong sense of community is present. Here at Millersville University, this feeling exists all the time due to our LGBTQ+ & Allies affinity housing. Although this is most popular with first-year students, all class years are accepted that are interested in exploring identities, history, and social advocacy.  

Living here means collaborating with faculty and staff in bi-monthly meetings, connecting with like-minded peers, and fostering a community built on mutual respect, understanding, and affirmation. Through guided discussions, we’ll delve into the rich tapestry of LGBTQ+ history, social movements, culture, health, and personal experiences. 

Residents will also have opportunities to engage with local LGBTQ+ organizations through trips and community service initiatives. This community offers a brave space where students can authentically express themselves, learn, and grow together. 

Applications for this housing are accepted all year round until there is no space left. If you are interested in completing a form, please click on the link below: 

If you would like additional information or have questions, please reach out to J. Whitlow by phone (717-871-4300), or email ( 

May Mental Health Awareness Month

As students of Millersville University, May marks not only the beginning of summer but also Mental Health Awareness Month. This is a significant time dedicated to recognizing and understanding the challenges faced by individuals dealing with mental illness. Unfortunately, there remains a stigma surrounding mental health globally, a challenge especially prevalent among young adults, including college students like us.

During this month, we have a unique opportunity to unite as individuals, organizations, and a community to promote mental well-being and extend support to those grappling with mental health issues. Throughout May, you can expect various events, campaigns, and initiatives aimed at educating and raising awareness about mental health, fostering understanding, and promoting mental wellness. It’s a crucial time for us to engage in conversations about mental health and collectively strive towards creating a more supportive and empathetic society for everyone, including ourselves.

Navigating college life can be overwhelming at times, and having a robust support system is essential. Remember, you are not alone. If you ever find yourself in need of support or someone to talk to, please know that there are resources available right here at Millersville University.

At MU, we have a range of mental health resources tailored to meet our needs as students. From counseling services to support groups, there are avenues for seeking assistance and finding community. Additionally, keep an eye out for pet therapy that occurs in the SMC once a week for two hours.  Light therapy is also offered at the Counseling Center throughout both the fall and spring semesters.

It’s okay to acknowledge that college life comes with its own set of challenges. Academic pressures, social dynamics, and the transition into adulthood can all contribute to feelings of stress and anxiety. However, it’s essential to recognize that help is within reach.

As fellow Millersville University students, let’s come together to prioritize our mental well-being and support one another through the ups and downs of college life. Whether it’s reaching out to a friend, attending a campus event, or seeking professional help, let’s take proactive steps towards nurturing our mental health.

Remember, your well-being matters, and there is strength in seeking support. Together, we can create a campus community that values mental health and fosters a culture of care and compassion.

Stay strong, stay connected, and remember that you are not alone.


3rd Floor Lyle hall

Phone: 717-871-7821

Fax: 717-871-7960

Hours of Operation

      • Mon., Tues., Thur., Fri. from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
      • Wed. from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
      • Any changes to regularly scheduled hours will be posted in the Counseling Center.

For help with a mental health crisis or emergency after Counseling Center hours, please call:

        • MU Police at 911
        • Crisis Intervention (Lancaster): 717-394-2631
        • National Suicide Hotline: 988
        • Crisis TEXT Hotline: text “HELLO” to 741741