6 Helpful Websites for College Students

There are lots of helpful websites out there that you can access for free which may help you with studying, learning, and navigating college life. Here are 5 of the best websites that students can take advantage of:

1. Quizlet: Every student probably already knows and loves Quizlet, but may not be taking advantage of everything it has to offer. For example, you can turn your online flash cards into an actual sample test with multiple choice, true or false, matching, or short answer questions. I strongly believe that if I hadn’t done this for my biology class, I would’ve never gotten an A. You can also organize your flash cards into folders and share them with your friend.

2. Google Digital Garage: Google Digital Garage is a free online learning tool offered by Google. They offer some free online webinars on topics like staying productive while working remotely and writing a strong cover letter and resume. They also have free online courses you can take in the following categories: Data & Tech, Digital Marketing, and Career Development (great for college students; courses in this category include tips on how to get a job, learn how to network, improve public speaking skills, and so on).

3. Habitica: Habitica is a website and mobile app that helps you keep track of tasks and establish better habits. You can manage any habits you want to work on such as procrastinating less or studying more. You can also manage daily tasks and create a to-do list where you can check off assignments once you’ve completed them. This will help you stay organized and encourage you to improve your habits. The purpose of Habitica is to “gamify your life”. It transforms tasks into “monsters” you have to conquer. The better you are at improving your habits, the more rewards you receive, such as gear for your avatar. This is a fun way to increase productivity and encourage self-improvement.

4. Millersville University Housing Blog: Okay, so maybe I’m a little biased, but the blog site you’re on right now really is a great resource for students. There are all kinds of posts on here, like ones teaching you about self care, how to succeed in college, information about Millersville University and student life, motivational posts, and so much more. They’re easy to read and the site is updated with new posts each week. You can also subscribe to this blog to get notifications about new posts and links to the posts sent straight to your email.

5. Slader.com: Slader is a website you can use when you’re having trouble in a course. You can search for your textbook and find step-by-step solutions to textbook problems. You can also ask questions in the Q&A section of the site and get help with problems from other students. They offer textbook solutions for a variety of subjects. The website is free, but you can upgrade to the college plan for a few dollars per month. 

6. TalkTyper: You can simplify the essay-writing process by using this website to translate your spoken words into text. This is really helpful for when you don’t feel like typing and find it easier to say what you want typed and have it typed for you. It’s also helpful for when you’re rushing to meet a deadline and can speak faster than you can type. Then, you can just copy and paste the text into a Word or Google document, edit it, and turn your paper in. Note: this will only work on your laptop if your laptop has a microphone function.

There are lots of websites that exist for the purpose of making student’s lives easier. Are there any that you recommend that we didn’t list? Let us know in the comment section!

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