2021 Dr. Clyde S. and Pauline F. Stine Endowed Scholarship Awarded to Delanie Dugan

The presentation of the Stine Award has been a tradition within the Department of University Housing & Conference Services for three decades. The 2020-2021 academic year marks the 33rd year for the award.

The University Housing & Conference Services Stine Award Recipient for the 2020-2021 academic year is Delanie DuganDelanie has been a Resident Assistant for the past year assigned to the East Village Residence Hall complex and previously a desk attendant in West Village. Michael Davis, Residential Area Director of East Village, describes Delanie as a gifted student, fast on her feet, and able to tackle any challenge ahead of her. He added that her RA colleagues state that she helps to keep them focused and is someone they admire because of her ability to carry herself with such a high level of character. 

Outside of the Resident Assistant Position, Delanie is very active as an Art major and is involved in the following:

  • Interactive Design Club Member
  • Marauder Graphics Club Member
  • Mentor for a first-year student within the mentorship program
  • Assistant Manager for a small business pottery studio

Delanie has also been a valuable member of the team of RAs that have been delivering food to our Millersville students who were quarantining within the residence halls this academic year.  She always made sure to check-in with them and to ensure that everyone received the food that they requested.

Graduate Assistant Will Halko noted that it is not uncommon to see Delanie engaging in smaller acts of kindness like leaving positive notes for her coworkers. “In ways both small and large, Delanie embodies the best qualities of what makes an RA and inspires those around her to do the same.”

The Dr. Clyde S. and Pauline F. Stine Endowed Scholarship was seeded in 1988 by Dr.’s George and Helen Stine as a tribute to the memory of Dr. George Stine’s parents.  Dr. Clyde Stine was a member of the Millersville University Administrative Faculty for 22 years (1946-1968).  He provided administrative oversight for the residence hall program as the Dean of Men. 

Dr. George Stine, Professor of Sociology, and a founding member of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, retired in 2003, after a distinguished 37 years at Millersville University.  Dr. Helen Stine retired in 2003 after many years as a Reading Specialist serving the School District of Lancaster. 

Dr. George Stine has a unique relationship with the residence hall system at Millersville University, having spent the years of his childhood living in the residence halls during his father’s tenure as Dean of Men.  He holds fond memories of living in the original Bard, Harbold, and Diehm Halls as a child and later holding summer employment as a construction crew member in the completion of the Dilworth Administration Building. 

Drs. George and Helen Stine chose to recognize a Resident Assistant because Dr. Clyde Stine viewed the residence halls as an important experience in the life of a scholar and realized that Resident Assistants provide a fundamental role in the transition from student to new professional. 

The Department of University Housing & Conference Services is proud to recognize Delanie Dugan as our Stine Award Recipient for the 2020-2021 academic year. Congratulations to Delanie! 

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