I’m going to do this post a little differently. Although I took notes and took a few pictures, I forgot to update the blog before break. Instead of making two separate posts, I am combining the post I was supposed to do before break and the post for today as side-by-side analyses. (Last week’s pictures are on top and this week’s pictures are on the bottom)






































Looking back, it does not seem like the plant grew too much, but I think you can really tell the difference in the last two pictures. Our total plant growth is now a foot and some change. Our roots are around a foot and some change as well and I am really happy with our total growth. The leaves are healthy and green and the roots seem to be doubling in size every time I check the system. Our pH level is still a little high, around 6.7, but I am not going to mess with anything because it seems as though it is not having too much of an effect on our plant’s growth. Our water level was very low, which is understandable. We have not been able to check the system for an entire week. I added more solution and checked the temperature, which is 67.5 degrees; a little cooler than what the plant is used to.

Our plant was becoming too large for the system, so we had to harvest. Here are some photos after the harvest:











Not bad, huh? And we’ve got two, or so, weeks to go and hopefully we’ll be able to contribute to the potluck at the end of the semester.















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  1. I actually like the before and after photos presented side-by-side. It’s helpful to see the identical shots next to each other because it makes it very clear how much it has changed in a short time. Nicely done. Your plants look amazing and your roots do, too!

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