Before Class:
pH Level: 6.3

After Class (the changes we made to our system, if any):
Growth: total growth is at 7.5″
Water Temperature: 68.3 degrees Fahrenheit
pH Level: 5.8

Here are a few pictures of our plant’s growth:


















Here’s a photo of our root growth thus far

In this second image, it might be a little hard to see, but some of the leaves do not look as healthy as I had hoped. Some leaves are drooping and are browning. To the best of my knowledge, they seem to be wilting. So I looked up possible solutions to this and here’s what I got, hopefully some of you can help me out with this. (1) Our temperature may be too high. However, I have never measured a temperature of my solution anywhere close to 8o degrees Fahrenheit, which I have read is a dangerous temperature to reach. (2) Some suggest watering with clear water, and backing off the solution a little bit, possibly diluting it. My fear is that the plant will lose valuable nutrients that the solution has to offer. (3) As far as the browning of the leaves goes, the light may be burning it or our solution is too strong… possibly too acidic? Has anyone else in the area of our plant had similar issues with the browning of the leaves? Then I would consider altering the lighting, but if everyone else seems to be doing fine, then the problem may be our solution.


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