day one of WEEK FOUR

It’s hard to believe it’s been four weeks now since we’ve started this project. I was hoping to see some more growth, but it looks like our plants are doing pretty good.

Measurements and other Notes:
Total Growth of Plant: 5 inches
Temperature: 69.1 degrees
pH: 6.9 at the beginning of class. Towards the end, we adjusted the levels down to 6.3

I tried that little experiment mentioned in my last post and there is definitely something about the nutrient solution that I am not fond of. I don’t know how often liquids change their pH, but when I left the solution alone last Thursday, I was hoping to come back to a solution that measured 6.0 0r 6.1 pH, but instead, it measured 6.6. My only thinking is that when I first put the pH Down chemical in the gallon of water, I was receiving a lower level in pH because I had just put it all in and shook it up. Maybe the pH down chemical settled to the bottom (although I didn’t see any build up)? Maybe it just dissipates throughout the solution?

I’m not sure. We’ll see how our new solution holds up over the weekend. Here’s a few pictures of the growth of our plant from this week. It’s pretty green and looking much healthier than the last time as it now has the nutrients it needs.

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