Homestead Village

Last three we had a very exciting trip to homestead village . During this trip I made two good friends, Dave and Patti. They are all very good person, I’m glad to have friend like them. We had some great time teogther  . We talked about famliy, culture, study and travel experience. Mr. Dave was a engineer when he was young and he also was a radio operator, Mrs Patti was a teacher and office manager. I really like share travel experiences with them cause I like travel too, when we talk about travel experiences frist time, I can’t believe they had been to so many countries, also Mr. Dave taught many about how to study in college level, they are very usefull for me.478FB49F-3FDB-45BC-A42B-25694E3824BD

We also shared many interesting part of American culture and Chinese culture, we talked about festival and food. Frist week I taught some Chinese words. And second week I talked about a very famous Chinese festivel called DuanWu festival, and I learned many thing about thanksgiving that week.  Last week was the most exciting week we given a presentation about Chinese New Year, that was a very good time. I like the feeling of sharing interesting things of Chinese culture. EE37C0E9-6FFA-4132-80F9-96B8EC0C0F33

This is the goodest trip I have been in American and this is the frist I have learned so many things about American people’s daily life, and so many things about American culture, this is one of the most important class in my life. 00002IMG_00002_BURST20171117103809_COVER