Farm trip

Last week me and my friend went to a farm museum. And we had a great time there,  this is also the frist time I had explore the history of Lancaster. This museum was not far away from our university,  it took us half hour by car.

First we watched a short movie of the old German people lived in Lancaster. They traveled by ship from Europe and built a great farm here. After a long time this farm became the museum we went. After we finish this short movie we went to the frist room. I found some beautiful old gun there.07229C62-1F76-4492-9C3D-336B3FC7D10D26B06019-0A7F-4703-BBDD-3A92AF42776AI really like those old cowboys movie so for me this is the most interesting thing in this museum.

And I also found a old fan in this museum it looked like a Chinese one F29EAD48-0165-4860-B01E-0DF651513404and also some old  jewelry they looked very beautiful.B448DF81-6590-4201-80B2-878F3672D445 03BEA82D-D548-415D-B414-D35677E64C09 In the outdoor part of the museum I found a big white horse.E127943A-25E7-411D-9A3F-150752E39E02This was the frist time I try to understand history of USA, great museum and good experience.