One Important Tradition In China

“How can you become a lucky man?” Have you ever think about this question before? every country has their own definition of lucky, some country believe that black cats are unlucky or crows are unlucky. We also have those kind of things in China. In China some peoples’ job is help other people select which kind of thing is lucky, which are not, we call them “FengShui master”. FengShui has two part, first part is about house and building, and second part is about people.

In China if you invite a FengShui master to your house, first he will look at those plants around your house. If a tall tree block the window, the master will ask you to cut it down because it also block your way to be success. Also the orientation of the house is very important too eastward is the best. After this the master will take out his “LuoPan” it work like a compass, he will use it to detection the magnetic field around your house, if the magnetic field around your house is stable, your house should bring luck and peace for you.

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Next part of “FengShui” is about people. First they will look at people’s face and the form of skull, they believe people who has Large forehead and fat earlobe will become very rich, like trump’s face.

This is a very important tradition in China, and most of Chinese people believe in this. Do you want use those kinds of things to be a lucky man