Farm Trip

I am a city boy, growing up in the city study in the city also live in the city, but last Friday I had a very exciting trip with my friends of global education. We went to a very big farm nearby our university. It is also the first time I had a trip to a farm.

I saw a lot of crops there, pair, pumpkin, corn, mum…….. they are so beautiful. I never seen those crops before. 微信图片_20171011233855微信图片_20171011233813

And their is a very good store there with a lots of farm products and different kinds of bake food . I found a very big pumpkin and a very strange thing but I forgot its name again. And I like those mums very much. Before we came back to school I got a cake called pair dumpling it was very good.微信图片_20171011233807微信图片_20171011233829

That was a very exciting trip I will come back if I have time in the future.