Fall traditions In China

Today I am thinking about traditions in my home country, cause the homecoming day will coming these days, it also making me think our fall tradition s China, and I think about a very important fall festival in china which is Mid-Autumn Festival.

In china we have a traditional festival called ” Mid-Autumn Festival”. Have you ever heard moon cake? We eat that in Mid Autumn Festival. Mid Autumn Festival is Aug 15th in Lunar Calendar, that is Oct 4th. Normally in that day we should  stay with our family and have a very big dinner together, after the dinner we watch the moon and we light a lots of fireworks.

But I haven’t spend time with my family for 2 years, cause I am studying aboard, far a away from my hometown. This Mid Autumn Festival I missed my family so much. I’m very lucky my cousin mailed me some moon cake from New York, I ate them and  looked at the moon all night. Because I think unless I can share the same moon light with my family together it made me better.