Exploring Manor Shopping Center

Last Friday we had a very excited trip to Manor Shopping Center.My friend told me it is a very good place to having fun. So last Friday’s morning we took earliest bus which is 9:25am to go to the Manor Shopping Center.

The first place we found is a very big market named “Weis” there are many kind of food and drink, also you can get fruit, vegetable, meat and daily supplies in it. I also found a CVS there, if I feel uncomfortable in the future,I can come here and get some medicine. After this I found a video games and toys shop there are a lot of interesting stuff there, you can get Superman, Ironman, Jedi, and my favorite character in Overwatch which is DVA. I’m sure I will come back in my free time.

The only regret is that we don’t have enough time to watch a movie. When I have free time in the future I will come back and have a good time in Manor Shopping Center. After all of this we took 11:25am’s bus came back to school. Lynch_Manor_Shopping_Center_03-600x450C68428AC-8BE9-4ED0-B2BA-71CB2B7806701FDF304B-737D-4E8C-8006-968593B998BC