Day 40 – March 26, 2012

Our system has been maintaining a steady pH between 5.5-6.5, which is pretty awesome- we’ve been lucky with that.  Our plants are growing slowly but surely.  On average, peppers can take anywhere between 70-90 days to harvest.  Unfortunately for us, this means they may not be ‘harvestable’ until after the semester ends. 

A healthy pH
Richie here is modeling our pH level.  Notice he’s holder the ‘older’ pH testing solution.  We found that using the older of the two available solutions caused a different pH reading every time we tested.  Since then, we have switched to using the newest of the two for a more accurate reading. 
Two leaves growing out of a seed

 We planted a couple different germinated seeds into each support group (the rockwool and our recycled laundry caps) as to not rely on just four plants.  In doing so, we’d be able to remove the weakest of the plants and allow strong growth of the stronger one.  So far, our two adjacent plants are fairing the best. 

Adjacent plants fairing the best

 I am unsure why this is happening, but I suspect differences in rate of flow through the tubing at its different exits.  We will have to experiment with our valves to see if we can find a solution to provide proper nurtrients to all of our plants.