Day 28 – March 14, 2012

As mentioned, we germinated three different sets of seed to insure we planted the first to germinate.  Two of our options were peppers, bell or wax.  The third seeds were cucumbers.  Though the cucumbers were the fastest to germinate, we weren’t sure how our system would support their weight.  As cucumbers grow, they sprawl horizontally. When compared to the horizontal height gained by a pepper plant, our system could not support a cucumber plant.  Not to mention, the weight of a cucumber vs. the weight of a pepper.

Be as it may, whether the seeds planted are wax or bell peppers, we will have to wait until harvest for their variety to be known.  It will be a fun surprise.

Our recycled laundry detergent caps will hold the rockwool holding our plants.  Rockwool is a medium we will be using to support the root system of our plants.  In doing so, soil becomes obsolete.  With our delicate seeds germinated, we wanted to be sure we didn’t interupt their growth by carelessly adding them to our system.  With the use of a pencil, we dug shallowly into the rockwool, making a safe “place holder” for our small plants.  By doing so, we created an environment where the seed will not be carried away by the flow of water.

Small plants safely in their "place holders"


Before leaving for Spring Break, we decided to leave our system on campus to insure no damage would be caused by a change in environment. Because our system holds a substantial amount of water, we thought it would be fine to leave behind. We checked and balanced our pH, wished our plants well and called it a day.