The strategies that i use when made a reading, first is ask questions when i read the tittle. Then i look the subheadings, pictures and made comments or questions for better understanding. I write the questions in my notebook and find answer to my questions. Also when i do not understand a word i try to search this word in the dictionary. And when i finish my reading reflect what i learned and visualize main points of the reading.

For me the things that help me to understand the reading is when made predictions or questions about the tittle or subheadings. Also if i read the end to the beginning i can understand better the reading. I made notes in my own words for answer my questions, i try to find the main points of the reading. And share what i learned to someone else. For example when i read the Douglass’s book first i ask question to myself and then i white my ideas and this help me a lot to understand the book. Also when i made the Anthropology’s readings i read first the subheadings, the tittle and then i made questions.

The strategies that i would like to keep is ask questions bases in the tittles, and write my questions in my notebook. Answer my questions and write notes in my own words. Also i wold like to keep visualize main points and reflect what i have learned to someone else. Also i’m going to search the unknown words for a better understanding.


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