What the Mystics Know by Richard Rohr

I am reading a book by Richard Rohr called “What the Mystics Know” and will be sharing some thoughts about what he says.

Part One of the book is “The enlightenment you seek already dwells within you.  His first question is “How do we find what is already there?

His premise is that Christ is within us and we need to look inward to truly become one with him.  To answer this question Rohr states that, “How do you awaken the Center? By thinking about it?  By praying and meditating?  By more silence and solitude?  Yes, perhaps, but mostly by living — and living consciously.”

So, to experience the presence of Christ within us we need to live consciously, in tune with the current trend for “Mindfulness.”  This reminds me of the book by Brother Lawrence about “Practicing the Presence of God.”

In my experience it is not easy to always focus on the presence of Christ within me but I keep working on it.  I hope you keep working on it during your journey as well.