MU Guided Program Growth

MU Guided programs are short-term experiences coordinated and led by Millersville faculty, staff, and administration. These experiences include courses abroad, international research, cultural exploration, service learning, academic conferences, and more!

Since the 2015-2016 academic year, MU Guided programs have seen an annual increase of approximately 7%. Based on current enrollment for Summer 2018 programs, the 2018-2019 academic year could show as much as 21% growth, 3 times as many participants than originally predicted.

Want to be a part of one of the fastest growing travel opportunities at Millersville? Check out the Faculty Resource Page and MU Guided information page to learn more information about past, current, and future programs!



International Student Home Countries

Millersville is host to more than 60 international students from over 20 different countries around the world! International students help grow to our campus and community by sharing their unique experiences and contributing to globalization. The above map illustrates the diversity of our international students by highlighting their home countries from the highest concentration to the lowest.

The chart below lists the countries by name and also provides a visual of the percentage of students from each country.

MU Country Chart

Number Crunch: Participation by Program

Global Education has seen over a 20% increase in overall study abroad participation from the 2013-2014 to the 2015-2016 school years. This increase is especially apparent when looking at the types of programs offered by Global Education. Millersville courses/trips abroad and internship opportunities represent two areas of growth over the past few years.

Capture 2

Data for the 2013-2014 school year is as follows:

  • Faculty Led: 31.01%
  • Non-MU: 25.58%
  • Partner Programs: 35.66%
  • Student Teaching: 4.65%
  • Social Work: 1.55%
  • Internships: 1.55%

Capture 1

Data for the 2015-2016 school year is as follows:

  • Faculty Led: 51.53%
  • Non-MU: 20.25%
  • Partner Programs: 23.31%
  • Student Teaching: 1.84%
  • Social Work:1.23%
  • Internships: 1.84%

Global Education has just introduced a new category of programs: Affiliated. Affiliated programs are generally run by an organization or program provider that has an agreement with Millersville University. Students participating in these programs take their courses at the Affiliates’ partner institutions or centers with other American and international students. Programs are offered during the fall, spring, and summers semesters.

For more information on Affiliated Programs and other program categories, please visit the Global Education website.

Number Crunch: Study Abroad Alumni

graduation capGraduation is getting closer and closer as the semester comes to an end! Let’s take a look some statistics about our Study Abroad Alumni. 

A total of 73 Spring 2016 graduates have studied abroad through Millersville University.

Of that 73, two of the students are earning their Masters Degrees in Emergency Management.

Six of the total Spring 2016 graduate students are dual majors.

Breakdown by Major:

  • Art – 6
  • Art Education – 1
  • Biology – 7
  • Business Administration – 5
  • Early Childhood Education – 1
  • Economics – 1
  • English – 8
  • French – 1
  • German – 4
  • & Political Affairs – 4
  • History – 5
  • International Studies – 8
  • Meteorology – 1
  • Multidisciplinary Studies – 1
  • Philosophy – 1
  • Psychology – 6
  • Social Work -2
  • Sociology – 3
  • Social Studies Education – 1
  • Spanish – 5
  • Speech Communication – 6

Chart 2 

 Breakdown by Location:

  • Australia – 4
  • Canada – 1
  • Chile – 4
  • China – 1
  • Costa Rica
  • Ecuador – 1
  • England – 9
  • France – 11
  • Germany – 10
  • Israel – 1
  • Italy – 8
  • Japan – 1
  • Northern Ireland – 6
  • Norway – 1
  • Scotland – 3
  • Semester at Sea – 2
  • South Africa – 2
  • Spain – 10
  • Switzerland – 2

Chart 1

As you can see, various majors have had the opportunity to study abroad in all corners of the world – so why don’t you!


Number Crunch: International Students (Fall 2015)

International Student Statistics

This semester 38 new international students joined the student body here at Millersville.

Out of those 38:

  • 15 are exchange students from one of Millersville’s study abroad partner programs
  • 20 are a mixture of undergraduate and graduate students from Millersville’s partner institutions who are here for a semester or academic year to enhance their home university degree programs
  • 4 plan to earn their undergraduate degree while at Millersville
  •  2 plan to earn their graduate degree while at Millersville

Currently there are a few of the 20 students here from our partner schools who are applying to become transfer degree seeking students because they have enjoyed their first semester at MU so much!


  • 1 student is from Australia
  •  7 are from South America
  •  8 are from Europe
  • 19 are from Asia

Students by Major/Area of Study:



Number Crunch – 13 Different Countries!

Millersville University is excited to be sending students to study abroad in 13 different countries over this summer and fall! These students will be heading off to explore the world through a variety of different programs. Some will be traveling abroad for a week, and some will be abroad for an entire academic year

32 students will be heading to either Iceland, Northern Ireland, or Costa Rica for Millersville Professor lead courses. These are summer session courses that culminate with a short trip to the country they have been learning about.

20+ students will be spending three weeks abroad this summer through programs run by Maryville University (Missouri). Our students will be dispersed in programs run in Oxford, England, Paris, France, and Florence, Italy. These courses are taught by a mix of faculty from various institutions. MU has four of our very own professors teaching through this program.

18 students will be studying abroad through Millersville Partner Programs. Millersville has a close relationship or exchange agreement with these international universities. These students will be packing their bags to immerse themselves in the UK, Japan, Chile, Spain, France, Germany and more!

11 students will be studying abroad through non-Millersville programs. These programs are not affiliated with MU. Students found their program on their own and received approval from the Office of Global Education. Students studying through non-MU programs will be traveling to South Korea, Italy, Russia, Norway and beyond!

2 education majors will be completing the second half of their student teaching experience abroad! These students hope to be placed in Australia and Japan. They are eager to gain additional classroom experience while learning about teaching techniques in  a new country and culture.

  2 of our students will be interning in South Africa and Canada! Millersville has relationships with two different intern abroad programs. The student interning abroad in South Africa this summer is our first psychology major completing an international internship.

This summer and fall will certainly be an exciting time for our MU students to seize the opportunity. Millersville is proud of our Marauders around the world!

Number Crunch – 62 Students

62 Students in 16 countries!

62 students are about to embark on their study abroad experience this summer or fall to 16 different countries!Their destinations around the world include Australia, the Philippines, South Africa, Morocco, Italy, Germany, the U.K., Spain, and Chile, just to name a few.

The 62 students getting ready to pack their bags for their adventures are participating in a wide range of study abroad programs. Some students are traveling  to participate in professor-led courses abroad. Through these programs, students travel abroad with a professor who teaches a course in another country. The professor uses cultural and historical resources of their location to enhance their course  so students can get an experience they could never get in a class room.

Other students traveling abroad are participating through MU programs at our partner university locations or through Non-MU programs for a summer session, full semester, or entire academic year.

Some students are even completing international professional experiences where they will be teaching full time or interning  for organizations specializing in their field and area of interest.

Check back in a few months time to read all about these students’ life changing experiences right here at the Office of Global Education’s Global Ed Gazette.

The Office of Global Education wishes these students all the best of luck and safe travels for their future endeavors!



Number Crunch – 100%!

The Office of Global Education & Partnerships has been sending students around the world for many years, and we are proud to say that 100% of our participants would study/intern abroad again and recommend other students to study abroad as well. This is a sample of what recent participants commonly state about how meaningful a study abroad experience was for their undergraduate career at MU:

“The most rewarding aspect of studying abroad was definitely becoming fluent in a language that I have been studying since high school. I have also met so many friends from around the world that I will continue to stay in touch with. Making friends and learning the language were definitely the top rewarding aspects of my experience. Oh, and traveling the world!” – Justin Abell, Universite de Caen in Caen, France: Spring 2013

Justin Abell


This was a wonderful and life-changing experience and I am so glad I had the opportunity to do it! I can’t wait to go abroad again.” Melinda Hatt, Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Summer 2013

Melinda Hatt


“I enjoyed being part of the South African community the most. I thought getting to know the students on campus and traveling to their home towns was the most amazing part. I had the chance to explore the entire country and it was endlessly beautiful and full of surprises.”– Dillion Payne, University of Kwa-Zulu Natal in Durban, South Africa: Spring 2013

Dillion Payne


“Studying abroad was the best experience of my life and I think it has had positive impacts on all aspects of my life. I would encourage every student to take the opportunity to study abroad. Meeting new people from around the world and having interesting and unique conversations with those people was probably my favorite part of my experience. Although studying abroad can be somewhat expensive, I like to tell people that I would spend 3x the amount that I spent to have the same exact experience, because the people you meet and the new and unique experiences you have are absolutely worth it.” -Kevin Koehn, University of the Sunshine Coast in Maroochydore, Australia: Spring 2013

Kevin Koehn


“I expected to go off to study abroad and come back with a feeling of how incredibly small my place in the world is, but it’s the exact opposite! I learned that people from all over the world can easily come together and collaborate on amazing things. The globe is indeed shrinking. It gave me the ambition to do so much more than just sit at home—I can’t wait to see where this takes my career.”-Kerri Milliken, University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland: Spring 2013

Kerri Milliken