International Partnerships at MU

Millersville University encourages individual faculty, staff, and departments to initiate new international programs to foster Millersville University’s mission for providing a diverse, dynamic, meaningful experience to inspire learners. Global Education is committed to providing the best possible global experience for students and faculty at MU and assists everyone through new partnership development.

To see a list of current international partners, view the Global Education website.

This past academic year has seen a lot of growth in partnership development. International agreements have been signed with two new universities: Nantong University (NTU) and with Northeast Agricultural University (NEAU).  NTU is seeking to send international students to Millersville University to study English, and NEAU is seeking to send international students to study Biology.

Millersville University has hosted 3 international delegations this past year: The Sino-American Cooperation on Higher Education and Professional Development (CHEPD) Program delegation of administrators and faculty came to learn about Millersville’s academic programs. Millersville also hosted a group of high school Indian students from the Ryan Group. These students came to learn about higher education in the U.S. This past semester, the university hosted a delegation from Xinyang Normal University (XYNU) in order to solidify the academic articulation for a 2+2 dual degree program in Economics. This summer, Global Education will be hosting our first two short-term programs for current international partners.

There are various types of collaboration available to international partners, including  collaborative virtual teaching! If you are interested in learning more about how you can engage with our current international partners, contact Global Education!

Global Education
Millersville University
2 South George St.
Millersville, PA 17551

Phone: (717) 871-7506

Celebration Event 2018

2018 Celebration Event

Global Education held its 9th annual Celebration of International Education on Thursday, April 19th. This event highlights the achievements of students, faculty, and staff of the Millersville community in creating and internationalized campus. The event hosts two guest speakers, as well as a global buffet, featuring a selection of dishes from across the globe.IMG_3520

Provost Dr. Vilas Prabhu started off the event with some opening remarks, followed by a few words by Global Education Director Patriece Campbell. University President Dr. John Anderson made a few remarks following the global buffet. We hope Dr. Prabhu will continue to support Global Education and wish Dr. Anderson well as he enters retirement.

IMG_3558 - Copy

The featured speaker for the event was Cayla Vega. Cayla is both a Millersville alumnus as well as a study abroad alumnus. She graduated in 2012 with a Bachelors of Arts in Spanish and International Studies with a minor in Government and Political Affairs. She studied abroad in Burgos Spain at Millersville’s partner institution, la Universidad de Burgos. Cayla shared how studying abroad had pushed her outside her comfort zone and how the confidence she had gained from her experience had led her to who she is today. With her study abroad confidence, she made the big decision to move to Washington DC, joining George Washington University’s Office for Study Abroad. Cayla completed her Master of Arts in International Affairs from the George Washington University and continued her study abroad experience with multiple trips to South and Central America, including a research trip to Costa Rica. Cayla is now Grants Officer for Latin America and the Caribbean at the National Endowment for Democracy in Washington, DC.

Following Cayla, Navedita Bagchi, Director of the International Studies Program and professor of the Department of Government and Political Affairs, started off with an introduction of Sigma Iota Rho, the International Honors Society of Millersville University. Kristin Thomson followed with the Global Ambassador recognition. The Global Ambassador Program gives an opportunity for students to gain leadership and promotional skills by taking part in initiatives to create an internationalized community on campus. Global Ambassadors also provide a way for students returning from abroad to continue their study abroad experience back home. This year, six ambassadors were recognized for completing the program. Olivia Cordero followed with the recognition of graduating study abroad alumni and graduating International Students. Former study abroad participants graduating in May were gifted blue and green cords to wear during commencement. Graduating International Students were presented with gifts. Global Education would like to congratulate the ambassadors and all our graduating students and wish them luck in their future endeavors!


For the first year ever, the International Stewardship Award and the Student’s Choice Award were presented. The International Stewardship Award is presented to an individual or department that has contributed to the internationalization of the Millersville community. This year’s awardees were the Registrar’s Office and Dr. Karen Rice, Chair of the School of Social Work. The Student’s Choice is an award given to a faculty or staff member that students believe has displayed a commitment to supporting students in a global context both on and off campus. This year’s Student Choice awardees were Dr. Barry Atticks of the Music Department and Dr. Robyn Davis of the History Department. Congratulations to this year’s winners!



The night finished off with a speech fom Yaqun Deng, or Ivy, the International Student Speaker. Ivy is an International Business major originally from Taiwan, China. Ivy came to Millersville University two years ago feeling lost and alone. After an encounter with a lost, older lady, looking to return to school, Ivy was inspired and took on a newfound confidence. Since then she has participated in many activities, including community service. As a graduating International Student, Ivy hopes that the skills she has gained from her experiences here will help her land a job in the United States. We wish Ivy well in her future endeavors!

Finally, Global Education would like to thank those who participated in this event as well as those who helped bring together this event. We would like to congratulate again all those recognized and we look forward to 2019’s celebration!


Advocacy Day

On March 19th and 20th, Millersville students traveled to the capitol to participate in NAFSA’s Advocacy Day. This was the first year that Millersville participated in the event, sending one of our study abroad students, one of our international students, and a staff member from Global Education.

NAFSA: Association for International Educators is an organization for those involved with international education that has over 10,000 members worldwide. As an organization, they “believe that international education advances learning and scholarship, fosters understanding and respect among people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives, is essential for developing globally competent individuals, and builds leadership for the global community.”

NAFSA’s Advocacy Day gives students and faculty involved in international education a chance to speak out for polices that matter within international education. Different schools around the country send representatives that then meet with their state’s elected officials in the House of Representatives and the Senate. These meetings give them an opportunity to talk about the important issues within international education and change they want to see.AD 3

Millersville University was one of few schools that brought students along to this event, providing great exposure to both our peer institutions and other institutions nationwide. Assistant Director of Global Education Olivia Cordero, who attended this event with the students, believes that this was a vital part of going to Advocacy Day. “The power is in the voice of the students” said Cordero. She thought that students should be the focal point in these meetings.

The Millersville students that attended this event were study abroad student Kiara Garcia and international student Gentil Kalisa. Kiara had previously studied abroad for a semester in Chile and Gentil is from Rwanda. Both students thought that this opportunity was an important one for them as students to experience.

AD 2

“Having studied abroad last semester in Chile, this opportunity allowed me as one of the few student representatives to spread the value of study abroad and positively influence staffers of Pennsylvanian Congressmen and Representative” said Garcia. “I would highly recommend extending this opportunity to more Millersville students as these public matters can directly impact study abroad policies in the future.”

“As an international student, going to Capitol Hill and talking to lawmakers about how the policies they put in place affects me was an amazing experience. I was happy to learn that most of them had experienced what if feels like to be an International student or a scholar in a foreign country” said Kalisa. “We were able to talk about how International students and scholars not only contributes to the U.S economy or diversity, but also secure the U.S position as a world leader in science and technology. We also advocated for a more welcoming United States to both PA senators and to our district representative Lloyd Smucker. ”

After this experience, Global Education hopes to continue participating in this event with other students in the future. It is important to advocate for international education and its policies that make sure this opportunity is available to all students.AD 4

International Student Spring 2018 Activities


International Student Orientation

Students received a lot of helpful information. They also participated in some activities in order to make friends and get to know each other!



Carnival for Success

Students were able to learn different skills that would help them on campus as well as learn about different campus services while participating in fun activities!



Snow Tubing

International Students celebrated the winter weather by taking a trip to go snow tubing! Afterwards they were able to warm up with some hot chocolate and treats!



Sky Zone

International Students enjoyed a fun night of jumping and trampolines at Sky Zone!


Washington D.C.

International Students were able to learn about America by visiting the capitol, Washington D.C.! They enjoyed seeing several famous landmarks such as The White House, The Capitol Building, as well as some of the famous memorials like Lincoln Memorial and the World War II Memorial. The Cherry Blossom trees were also in bloom during their trip!



Celebration of International Education

Global Education held an event celebrating international education with Millersville study abroad alumni, international students, and supporters of international education. There was a past study abroad participant and a graduating international student who spoke as well as a ceremony that horned several students involved in international education!






MU Guided Program Growth

MU Guided programs are short-term experiences coordinated and led by Millersville faculty, staff, and administration. These experiences include courses abroad, international research, cultural exploration, service learning, academic conferences, and more!

Since the 2015-2016 academic year, MU Guided programs have seen an annual increase of approximately 7%. Based on current enrollment for Summer 2018 programs, the 2018-2019 academic year could show as much as 21% growth, 3 times as many participants than originally predicted.

Want to be a part of one of the fastest growing travel opportunities at Millersville? Check out the Faculty Resource Page and MU Guided information page to learn more information about past, current, and future programs!



Spring 2018 Photo Contest Winners!

The results are in! After careful deliberation, the winners of the photo contest have been chosen. Thank you to everyone who submitted their amazing photos this semester and congratulations to those who won!

WinnersPicture 7Submitted by: Francisco Garday

Location: Japan

Picture 8

Submitted by: Natalie Harley

Location: England

Picture 17

Submitted by: Kiara Garcia

Location: Chile

Honorable Mention

Picture 3

Submitted by: Francisco Garday

Location: Japan