We Are Global

The Global Education office has started a new promotional campaign to help showcase the variety of diverse backgrounds and experiences that the greater Millersville University community encompass. This campaign will showcase international stories and experiences from international and domestic students, faculty, and staff members of the university. The campaign titled, “We Are Global” will run for the next several years.


“We Are Global” specifically aims to spread awareness study abroad opportunities for the student body by sharing stories from past participants. Global Education hopes to show that you can participate in global initiatives no matter your age, gender, ethnicity, major, class standing, and more!

“We Are Global”  also aims to  share stories of adjustment and inclusion of the international student and faculty population on campus in order to help make new incoming students and international scholars feel more welcome on campus.

Ultimately, the campaign will be used to lift up the international initiatives of Millersville University in order to fosters global leadership and engagement.


If you would like to read through We Are Global stories click here.

If you would like to read what is required of participants click here.